Many have been asking about entertainment contributor, Ji Suk Yi, and they want answers on her whereabouts. So, where is Ji on Windy City Live? Is she sick or on vacation? We have what you need to know about Ji Suk Yi in 2018.

Fans of Chicago resident Ji Suk Yi have been curious about where she is now, and they want answers. They need their Ji Suk Yi entertainment fix, and fans have clearly noticed her absence. So, what happened to Ji on Windy City Live?

If you want to know where Ji Suk Yi is today, then keep reading!

Where Is Ji Suk Yi From?

According to Robert Feder’s website, Ji Suk Yi came to the United States from South Korea when she was just five years old. She was raised in rural North Carolina.

Yi graduated from Salem College in Winston-Salem and received her law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Why Did She Leave Windy City Live?

For many viewers, it may seem like yesterday when Yi joined the ABC 7 newsroom in 2006. She started as a newsroom desk assistant and eventually moved up to social media producer when the show started in 2011. She has filled roles such as a foodie and on-air contributor, especially when it came to entertainment.

Sadly for the Windy City Live audience, the local Chicago celebrity will no longer be gracing them with her presence! Sad, right?

Due to budget cuts, the ABC-owned station had to let Yi go from the show as a way to save money.

“We thank Ji for her many contributions to Windy City Live,” an ABC 7 statement said. “Her intelligence and talent as an on-air personality will serve her well in her next endeavor and we wish her nothing but the best.”

Yi was sad to leave and gave a special farewell during the week of March 5, 2018, and said, “I hope my unlikely story of a Korean-American first-generation immigrant from a small podunk town down south, moving to the big, big city of Chicago 12 years ago with two suitcases, knowing one person in the city, inspires you to maybe try something you’ve always wanted to do no matter how small or big.”

Where Is Ji from Windy City Live Now?

According to the network, the beloved former anchor is not being replaced. This makes sense, since they can’t afford the position.

Val Warner and Ryan Chiaverini will continue as co-hosts on the daytime show. But for many, it may not be quite the same.

So, where is Ji Suk Yi now? Did she find a new job?

After doing some digging on social media, it seems the former co-host isn’t bothered by her new unemployment status. She was last pictured in San Francisco and is taking some much-needed time to relax and let her hair down. And, we can’t say we blame her!

Still, Ji Suk Yi will be missed, and we don’t doubt that she will find her way back on TV soon.

Check out Ji Suk Yi’s public farewell below!