Concept Image for Bodybuilder CT Fletcher (Photo: Pixabay/tookapic)

Last year, former bodybuilder C.T. Fletcher told fans about his failing health. He had open heart surgery in 2005, but only spoke about it in 2017. Now, after recently posting images and videos of his recovery after receiving a heart transplant, many are wondering what happened to C.T. Fletcher’s heart.

C.T. Fletcher’s Heart Condition

Fletcher’s maternal side has had heart conditions, which he reportedly inherited. His mother, Ogie Rea Fletcher, passed away in 2004 because of congestive heart failure. Her nine siblings also died as a result of heart problems.

In 2005, Fletcher underwent life-saving open heart surgery, which he spoke about in 2017 saying, “My first open heart surgery was in 2005, I flatlined 3x on the operating table. God had a plan for me then, and God willing, I know He has one for me now as I take on the heart transplant journey. As long as this ol’ sidewalk kraka’ is above ground, it’s still most certainly my muthaf****n set!!! I’m blessed!!! [sic]”

On The Joe Rogan Experience, Fletcher revealed that he had another heart attack, and was hoping to get on the waitlist for a heart transplant.

C.T. Fletcher’s Heart Transplant Surgery

In the past, the 58-year-old  looked at death straight in the eyes, and overcame issues caused by his condition.

Luckily, his doctors were able to find a suitable heart for Fletcher and on May 5, 2018, Fletcher tweeted the good news to fans. The next day, he underwent a heart transplant surgery at Stanford Medical Center, which lasted over 11 hours and was successful.

He was discharged 17 days later and updated his fans on his recovery.

Fletcher tweeted updates about his health, including the fact that his doctor was concerned that the transplanted heart was too small. Luckily, the heart grew in only five days, which the former boxer considers to be a miracle.

C.T. Fletcher Wants to Personally Thank the Donor’s Family

C.T. Fletcher is currently recovering from surgery, and is grateful to the donor’s family. In an emotional video, he explained how blessed he feels to have been given the heart, but feel sadness for the donor who died in order for him to receive it. He couldn’t express in words how thankful he was without getting choked up, as now, he has a second chance at life. He wants to continue helping others, and raise awareness for organ donation.

He also wants to track down the family of his heart donor, to personally thank them for giving him the opportunity to live again.