Halloween Town, Oregon 2017: Welcome to St. Helens, the Original Spooky Town!

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Come October, St. Helens has a whole new look. It turns into Halloweentown and offers a month-long celebration for families. People come from all over to join the residents of St. Helens this time of year. Now, some movie stars are expected to stop by. What’s holding you back?

St. Helens is a small town in Northern Oregon that comes alive for a month every year for Halloween. It was founded by Captain H. M. Knighton, a native son of New England, in 1845 as Plymouth. The name was changed to St. Helens in 1850 because Mount St. Helens is visible even though it is 39 miles away in Washington. St. Helens is the place to be during Halloween because it celebrates the spooky spirit with a month of haunted events and decorations. It is meant for families and people gather there to have a great time.

Not for the Faint of Heart

St. Helens became famous in the late 1990s when the Riverfront district served as a backdrop for the Disney Channel original movie, Halloweentown. Now, the town pays homage to the movie by organizing a month-long celebration every October. Activities during the month-long celebration include a pumpkin lighting ceremony, scary walk through the underworld, tractor rides to an alien crash site, Monster Dash fun run, scarecrows that suddenly come alive, a Halloween costume parade and contest, tour of haunted houses, pet Halloween costume contest, haunted hot rod and hearse car rally, and character actor appearances. That’s not all! There are new additions like a spirit of Halloweentown collectors coin challenge, and a Spooks Shuttle to the Museum of Peculiarities and Oddities.

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A Family Reunion

The St. Helens Halloween 2017 celebrations are going to be special this year thanks to certin celebrities who are scheduled to attend. Kimberly J. Brown, the actress who played Marnie in Halloweentown, will return to St. Helens, and will be joined by her on-screen family, J. Paul Zimmerman (who played her brother Dylan) and Judith Hoag (who played her mom Gwen). They are coming to honor the late Debbie Reynolds who played the much-loved Cromwell family matriarch, Aggie Cromwell. The Cromwell family reunion is scheduled for Saturday, October 14, 2017.

Passion Overcomes Problems

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There is more glamour coming this Halloween to St. Helens. Actress Diane Franklin, famous for her roles in the movies Better Off Dead and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, will grace the city with her presence on Saturday, October 21, 2017. The Halloween celebrations at St. Helens have become quite well known and have been featured on national media platforms such as Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, MTV, ABC News, BuzzFeed, and Country Living Magazine. St. Helens’ popularity is a great example of what a small town can achieve with truckloads of creativity, ideas, passion, and hard work to put themselves on the map! So take some time off and head over to St. Helens where you can enjoy a fun-filled Halloween with your family and friends. It’s a small town with a large heart where you are certainly welcome!



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