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Halloween is just around the corner, so if you haven’t planned your hot DIY Halloween costumes, you’d better get cracking! Some people are excited to make their Halloween costumes for 2016 the scariest ones yet, but others are hoping for some quick and easy DIY Halloween costumes. Thanks to YouTube video tutorials, you can easily create the look you want by following the simple steps outlined by these YouTubers. We know some of you live busy lives and are short on time, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Here is a list of easy hot Halloween costumes that will make you look stunning— but can also give you friends a fright! Here we go!

Easiest Sexy Halloween Makeup Ever

Scenario: You’re at work, excited to leave right on time because you’ve planned your easy sexy Halloween costume, and it’s waiting for you at home. Suddenly, you get a notice that there is an emergency meeting in the boardroom. The meeting takes an hour and a half past your closing time, and it’s risking ruining your night, because you have no more time to go home and get set up before the party! All you’ve got with you is your makeup bag, plus the makeup you’re already wearing. What do you do? Jessica Green on YouTube created the easiest Halloween makeup tutorial that still turned out gorgeous! Check it out below.

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween Costumes

YouTuber RachhLoves created a bunch of super cute and simple Halloween costumes. You can dress up as Twitter! All it takes is a white t-shirt, blue lay, and a little blue bird tied to your hair, and there you have it. You can make your costume even more fun by walking around with a sharpie and letting your friends write a tweet on your shirt! You can also dress up as a pun by recycling what you already have. RachhLoves put on bunny ears and held a duster in her hand and turned herself into a dust bunny! Check out the video for more fun and lazy ideas.

Ridiculously Cheap, Last-Minute Costumes

If the previous two videos are still too much work for you, then IISuperwomanII has the solution! There are no words to describe how cheap these ideas , but they will get you a laugh or an eye roll! “Tape a piece of paper to yourself. Trick or treat, I’m Taylor Swift and I’ve got a blank space, baby!” Watch this video and have a laugh while you get ready for Halloween 2016.

More Lazy Costume Ideas

Try out some of these classic lazy ideas, such as hanging a bed sheet over your head, wearing a name tag, and going as a dead character from your favourite movie. YouTube user Chyaz recommends going as a character from an old movie so that you don’t give away any spoilers!

Famous Movie and TV Characters

These ideas by YouTuber SomegirlJess are totally adorable! You can dress up as Spinelli from Recess, Mary Poppins, Napoleon Dynamite, Elliott from Mr. Robot, Eleven from Stranger Things, or Damian from Mean Girls! These ideas are fun, creative, and easy to recognize thanks to the key items SomegirlJess incorporates into the outfits. Even lazy people can make Halloween exciting! Now stop procrastinating and get creative!