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Who is Hailey on The Bachelor? That’s the question circulating around the web this week, as the season 21 premiere revealed the contestants on Monday’s episode.

In our Hailey Merkt wiki, we will share everything you need to know about the contestant that’s been made available to the public. Since many of the women on the show are everyday people and not celebrities, there is limited publicly available information on their personal lives, but we’ve done the hard work for you by scouring the Internet’s resources and finding some of the details. Also, if you’d like to see what she looks like, we’re sharing photos from Hailey Merkt’s Instagram! For everything you need to know about the beautiful Canadian contestant and for Hailey Merkt pics, keep reading.

Hailey Merkt on The Bachelor

Where is Hailey on The Bachelor from? Hailey Merkt is arguably one of the most unique contestants on the show. Not only is her Canadian heritage a factor, but she also does not portray herself as a “Barbie Bride” the way many of the other contestants do.

On her Instagram (@hageymeister), there is not one photo of her modeling a bride’s gown, nor is she seen in photoshopped, sunlit gardens frolicking for a photographer in a summer dress. Her photos are darker and neutral, she wears a lot of black, and shares photos of her puppies, family, and friends. Take a good look at her photos and you’ll also notice she has a profound love for her home city of Vancouver, British Columbia (B.C.), Canada.


Hailey Merkt’s Work & Personal Life

If you’re wondering what Hailey Merkt’s job is, she is currently working as a contributing writer/copywriter for VIVA Lifestyle & Travel in the Greater Los Angeles area. She is also an aspiring model with Richards Models Canada and an actress with Carrier Talent Agency.


Merkt previously worked as a blogger for Handsome Films Co. (B.C.), a corporate receptionist/casual events coordinator for Long View Systems (B.C.), a contributing writer at Lone Wolf Magazine in San Francisco, CA, and a contributing writer/copywriter at The WILD Magazine in the Greater New York City area. Her career also consists of many photography gigs for print, travel, and weddings. She studied Communications and Media at Carleton University, before finishing her education with Print Journalism at Conestoga College.


On her ABC profile, Merkt said her greatest achievement to date was “traveling to China to build schools and teach in orphanages.” She’s afraid of butterflies, jumping bugs, letting herself down and accomplishing nothing. She listens to Sheryl Crow and 90s music, and her favorite author is Dr. Seuss. Her ideal mate’s personality is defined as “independent, confident, caring, funny, supportive, adventurous, [and] clever.” She’s not afraid to talk about having kids—her profile publicly states that she would like to have two kids to enjoy a family of four. She also thinks children without siblings are “strange.”

Hailey Merkt’s family includes her brother, sister-in-law Sarah, sister Jenny, mother, and father Erwin. If you want more information on Hailey Merkt’s parents and Hailey Merkt’s siblings, you’ll have to wait a little longer. As she gains attraction from fans throughout the show, more information about her personal life may be revealed! Hailey Merkt’s net worth is also currently unknown.

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Who are the Other The Bachelor Season 21 Contestants?

Aside from Hailey Merkt, 23, the group of women who will move forward after Monday’s premiere of The Bachelor season 21 include: Elizabeth Whitelaw, 25; Dominique Alexis, 25; Brittany Farrar, 26; Whitney Fransway, 25; Raven Gates, 25; Jasmine Goode, 29; Vanessa Grimaldi, 29; Jaimi King, 28; Rachel Lindsay, 31; Astrid Loch, 26; Danielle Lombard, 27; Danielle Maltby, 31; Lacey Mark, 25; Taylor Nolan, 23; Corrine Olympios, 24; Elizabeth Sandoz, 29; Kristina Schulman, 24; Josephine Tutman, 24; Sarah Vendal, 26; Alexis Waters, 23; and Christen Whitney, 25.


Tune into the ABC Network on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. EST to find out which of these ladies will continue through to the next rose ceremony…and if Hailey Merkt will be one of them!