Is it Monday yet? Our Mondays just got more interesting and it’s all thanks to The Bachelor! Now, everyone wants to know about the newest members of The Bachelor family, despite the little to no information available. If you’ve been Googling terms such as “Hailey The Bachelor family” or “Hailey The Bachelor parents” then chances are, you haven’t found much information.

Things are heating up on the show and as it progresses with every episode, we begin to learn more and more about each contestant, their families, and what they want in a partner. So, if you want to know more about Hailey Merkt, then keep reading and read our facts about her family!

She’s from Vancouver, British Columbia

So, that’s why she’s so nice! Kidding—Hailey is very nice and it’s not just because she’s Canadian, but because she’s just a genuine person! The 23-year-old was a photographer prior to the show and is a contributing writer/copywriter for VIVA Lifestyle & Travel in the Greater Los Angeles area. She’s also an aspiring model with Richards Models Canada, and is an actress with Carrier Talent Agency.

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Little is Known about the Merkt Family 

Because The Bachelor season 21 has only just begun, there’s not much information about the girls, or their families on social media. Sometimes, the families of the contestant want to keep a low profile and don’t want to be found, which is understandable, esepcialyl when their daughter is thrown into the public eye. The families on the show aren’t normally seen until the hometown dates. So, if you’ve been Googling “Hailey The Bachelor father,” “Hailey The Bachelor mother,” and “Hailey The Bachelor siblings,” then you won’t find much outside of her Instagram account. Hailey’s family includes her brother, sister-in-law Sarah, sister Jenny, mother, and her father, Erwin. If you want more information on Hailey’s parents and her siblings, then you’ll have to wait until the hometown dates—assuming she makes it that far!

The Hometown Dates

Have you been asking yourself “how many sisters/brothers does Hailey on The Bachelor have?” Terms such as “Hailey The Bachelor sister” and “Hailey The Bachelor brother” have also been searched frequently, in order to dig up more information on the family. Sadly, fans have to wait until the highly-anticipated hometown dates to see more of the family, and more importantly, to see how Nick will react to them. There aren’t that many spots available for the hometown dates, so each contestant will have to give it their all to land the coveted spot. Will Nick enjoy being around Hailey’s family? Tune in to ABC every Monday at 8:00 p.m. EST to find out!