Gwen Stefani Net Worth

Gwen Stefani Net Worth
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It’s not often we see an amicable Hollywood divorce. With millions of dollars on the line, these things usually get messy pretty quickly. And you would think that with Gwen Stefani’s net worth of $100.0 million and no prenup, ex-husband Gavin Rossdale would really go after her cash. But he didn’t, and he agreed to less than half of Stefani’s money.

Maybe that’s because Gavin Rossdale’s net worth is upwards of $35.0 million, which isn’t too shabby. Nonetheless, we have to give credit where credit is due. Both Stefani and Rossdale handled the split maturely, which is more than we can say for the majority of Hollywood celebs. Stefani, herself, has seemed to have picked up the pieces and is moving on with her life and career.

No Doubt

Gwen Stefani was born and raised in Anaheim, California in her early years before heading off to California State University-Fullerton. It was in 1986 when she joined her brother in his ska band called, No Doubt. She assumed the role of lead singer and the band released its first major album in 1992.

No Doubt experienced moderate success touring the West Coast for the first few years of its existence, but it was the 1995 album Tragic Kingdom that propelled the band to mainstream fame. That record went on to sell 16 million copies worldwide—an incredible feat by any standards. It kept the group in the spotlight up to the early 2000s, when Stefani decided it was time to take a break and start a solo career.

Just Gwen

It’s always a risk moving from a band to a solo career, and in many instances individual success rarely mimics that of the success of the group. But that wasn’t the case when Gwen decided to hit the road on her own.

Her debut album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. went five times platinum, setting the stage for Stefani’s ascension as a solo artist. Her next offering, The Sweet Escape, was nearly as successful, selling two million copies and spurring a 100-date tour across the world. The tour was said to gross $55.0 million in ticket sales alone.

Fashion Statements

On top of Stefani’s illustrious career both as a lead singer with No Doubt and her success as a solo artist, she’s also been listed as a fashion-forward celebrity whose style has translated into dollars. In 2004, she took her eclectic looks and transformed them into a fashion line called L.A.M.B. (an acronym for her debut album Love. Angel. Music. Baby). The line is a blend of Asian and South American inspiration, and reflects Stefani’s off-beat taste in fashion.

Off beat or not, by 2010 L.A.M.B grew to the tune of $90.0 million in annual sales. Stefani added different products to the line, including fragrances, which helped to bolster sales even more. It is now estimated that Stefani makes about $27.0 million a year from music royalties, fashion, and endorsements combined.

The Voice

We can’t forget that Gwen Stefani was added to the reality talent show The Voice for its seventh cycle in 2014. With the cache the singer brought to the series, she was able to cash in at $10.0 million per cycle. Hard to argue with that salary, seeing how Stefani had already accomplished so much throughout her career.

Interestingly enough, she would later date her Voice co-star Blake Shelton. Both Stefani and Shelton had gone through a divorce and were able to support each other with their friendship. She told The New York Times in a recent interview that they would “be in shock” if she told them the story of her divorce.

She also said of finding Blake Shelton, “In all this craziness that happened, like unexpected horribleness, I found a friend who was going through literally the exact same thing as me, and that is a miracle.”

No official word yet on whether the two are headed for marriage, but if they do, the Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton net worth would be just as fun to talk about!

Breakdown of the Gwen Stefani Net Worth

Tragic Kingdom $14.2 million
Rock Steady $50,000
Love. Angel. Music. Baby. $7.6 million
The Sweet Escape $2.8 million
Current estimated net worth 100.0 million




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