Credits: Instagram/justintheroux

Jennifer Aniston was totally surprised to find out that someone has a crush on her. While almost every guy has a crush on the Friends star, it may surprise people to learn that actor Jake Gyllenhaal has an “adorable” crush on Jennifer Aniston!

Jennifer Aniston got to know that Jake Gyllenhaal had a crush on her ever since they worked together in The Good Girl (2002). As the hunky Southpaw actor is considered quite attractive, Aniston’s hilarious reply to this was, “I just don’t know why we’re finding this out now!”

Aniston told this to Access Hollywood, adding a bit more to it about Jake Gyllenhaal. The 47-year-old actress hinted at how Gyllenhaal may be into women of her age by saying, “I don’t know! He likes the older ladies. He hid it well!”

The pair co-stared in the indie hit The Good Girl, in which Aniston proved that she had the skill to play more than just ditzy waitress Rachel on the long-running hit show, Friends. Similarly, Gyllenhaal had been making his name in the indie movie scene and The Good Girl was one of the movies that really helped him catch the attention of audiences and critics alike.