Stacy who? We knew it wouldn’t take too long for George Clooney to find someone new after splitting from his last girlfriend, former WWE star Stacy Keibler. Model Monika Jakisic, 33—otherwise known as the “Croatian Sensation”—reportedly spent the night with 52-year-old Clooney last month at his L.A. mansion.

What’s shocking about this new celebrity couple is that Jakisic is the same younger woman that Clooney was spotted flirting with back in May 2013, while he was still dating Keibler. At the time, a source claimed that Clooney and Jakisic were at the same private club in London and were seen holding hands and dancing together the whole night. Clooney quickly dismissed the affair rumors, chastising the tabloids for “creating scandal that isn’t there.” However, it wasn’t the first time the two were connected—Clooney and Jakisic were reportedly on a yacht together back in 2007.

According to an insider, the new celebrity couple “spent hours talking, and [they] have an incredible connection.” Clooney nor Jakisic have confirmed or denied that they are, in fact, dating now.


Interestingly, the news about Clooney’s new hookup comes not too long after it was revealed that his ex, Keibler, is now dating Jared Pobre, the CEO of a big advertising agency. While Clooney has stuck to dating someone with a considerable age difference (Jakisic is 18 years younger than him), Keibler is dating someone a little closer to her in age—she and Jobre only have a five-year age difference.

What do you think: Will George Clooney ever settle down and get married?


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