Whether you hate her for destroying your dream of marrying George Clooney someday, or admire her for getting the 53-year-old actor to finally settle down, Amal Alamuddin is undoubtedly one lucky lady. The 36-year-old humanitarian lawyer has happily accepted George Clooney’s proposal after just a few months of dating—it probably didn’t hurt that he presented her with a customized seven-carat diamond ring—and wedding plans are already reportedly in full swing.

Although the celebrity couple hasn’t revealed any details themselves, insiders are dishing on what to expect from what is probably one of the most highly-anticipated celebrity weddings of the year.

Clooney and Alamuddin are reportedly planning to tie the knot in the fall of 2014, specifically September, and the only reason they’re waiting that long is because he wants to take the time to make sure that it’s absolutely perfect. “He’d marry her today if he could, but he wants to give her a dream wedding,” an insider told Us Weekly, adding, “It is her first, and he wants it to be his last!”


Amal Alamuddin’s parents are also pushing for the celebrity couple to keep their engagement short, since that’s traditionally how their Lebanese culture does it. Her parents are “old-fashioned when it comes to these things,” revealed another source.

There’s no word yet on where the celebrity couple will hold the wedding, although they’re said to be considering Lake Como in Italy or Cabo San Lucas—George Clooney owns properties in both areas. Regardless of what location they decide on, there’s a good chance that the wedding will be filled with an excess of famous faces. The guest list for Clooney and Alamuddin’s engagement party in Malibu included Cindy Crawford and U2’s Bono, and George Clooney is close friends with many A-list names, like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Julia Roberts. The latest rumor is that Clooney has picked Matt Damon to be his best man.

Stay tuned for more updates on the celebrity couple’s big day!


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Photo Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com

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