Greece welcomed its new Prime Minister, Vassiliki Thanou, on August 27, amid its financial crisis. The 65-year-old Supreme Court judge is the first female in the country’s history to be cast in the position so prestigious that it is also often addressed as “Mr. President.”

Thanou was appointed following former radical Alexis Tsipras’ resignation on August 20, who served for a short seven months of his four-year term. Greece sought a stronger authority to execute tough austerity policies demanded by creditors of the debt-ridden country, in return for its third bailout of $135 billion.

The new PM’s main job will be to keep the country afloat until a fresh government is appointed from the expected September 20 vote.


In her initial public comment as head of office, Thanou said, “But, given the circumstances, I believe that this government will also have to handle crucial matters.”

Struggling financially since January this year, Greece has been flocked by over 160,000 Syrian refugees as well as economic migrants. The number of people who arrive from Turkey via boats before heading out to wealthier European nations is alarming.

Tspiras, 41, was pressured into to submitting his resignation last week, after a rebellion that took place in his radical left Syriza party regarding his consent to the new tax hikes and income cuts.

The outgoing 41-year-old politician argued that he had no other choice but to agree to the demands of the European creditors if he was to save the Hellenic Republic from getting kicked out of the euro currency along with its debt defaults.

Meanwhile, Thanou is set to appoint a Cabinet on August 28 that will be sworn in on the same day as the confirmation of the election date.


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