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The first half of the America’s Got Talent finale aired last night and the top 10 acts were better than ever! Among the finalists was the ‘Next Taylor Swift,’ Grace VanderWaal, who has won hearts with her original songs. They must have saved the best for last, as the ukulele-playing tween was the closing act of the night. VanderWaal sang her self-composed newest song, “Clay” and brought everyone in Radio City Music Hall to their feet. For those who missed the first half of the finale or for those who just want to re-watch Grace sing her little heart out, you can watch the video of her final performance on the AGT stage below:

The entire audience swayed their lit up phone screens, as the 12-year-old belted out the chorus, “…Try to change my shape, but baby I’m not clay. Sorry not today, cause baby I’m not clay…” at the finale. She later tweeted her gratitude to the stage that made her famous.

Howie Mandel, who made Vanderwaal his Golden Buzzer Choice was beyond ecstatic about her performance. “Amazing Grace. How sweet the sound,” he said, in true Howie Mandel fashion. Simon Cowell, who was the one who dubbed her as “the next Taylor Swift,” predicted a very bright future for VanderWaal. “You deserve your place tonight. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but you’re going to be there at the end. I can feel it,” he said after she performed “Clay”.

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Before AGT, VanderWaal became a YouTube sensation by uploading videos of herself singing covers on her ukulele. For her AGT audition however, she sung a song she wrote herself called “I Don’t Know My Name,” which wowed the audience, amazed judge Simon Cowell (who is notorious for his harsh critiques) and prompted Howie Mandel to press his Golden Buzzer, sending her straight to the performance rounds. She performed another self-composition called “Beautiful Thing” at the quarter-finals. However, it was her original song, “Light the Sky” at the semi-finals that proved she has impeccable talent and would be very famous one day.


Don’t miss the second part of the America’s Got Talent finale tonight, on Wednesday, September 14 at 8:00 p.m. EST on NBC, and find out if Grace VanderWaal takes the $1 million prize!



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