We’re used to seeing Gordon Ramsay go off on people on his various television programs, but for them it’s kind of expected; verbal abuse after making a mistake seems to be a condition for sharing a kitchen with the celebrity chef. But Ramsay isn’t limited to people working and competing under him; he has things to say to people on social media as well!

A visitor to the Hell’s Kitchen star’s BurGR (the “GR” being Ramsay’s initials) restaurant in Las Vegas was apparently not impressed with the experience, writing, “The power of branding: average burger, people lining up, always wait of 30mins+ [sic],” along with a picture of the restaurant’s logo on a window. Sharing his opinion was harmless enough, but he made one major mistake: he tagged Gordon Ramsay himself!

Ramsay was quick to respond, and actually did it pretty politely, at least for him; the tweet doesn’t contain a single word we need to censor! The chef wrote, “Not so average Raj,you would know better,because you’re an entrepreneur. hilarious ,surname gone to your head! [sic]” Ramsay is referring to the tweeter’s job, which according to LinkedIn is being the co-founder and COO of an “adult lifestyle webstore” and his last name, Armani, which is the same as the Italian fashion company named after founder Giorgio Armani.


Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR restaurant apparently doesn’t receive criticism very often, give its four-star average on Yelp. Several of the lower ratings do have issues with the burgers and wait times, so this kind of criticism isn’t unheard of, but that can be said for any restaurant, even ones owned by a famous chef. But if nothing else, this one wannabe critic should be honored; after all, he got a response directly from Gordon Ramsay himself, and what may be his 15 minutes of fame as a result! On another note, Gordon Ramsay also publicly shamed another fan on Twitter who tried to correct him. The follower tweeted, “@GordonRamsay It’s football, not soccer mate! [sic],” referring to Ramsay’s earlier tweet about being a part of Soccer Aid, an annual celebrity charity event that raises money for  UNICEF. (Ramsay has played every year since 2006.) The chef apparently didn’t appreciate being called out, so he replied to the follower, simply writing, “It’s Soccer Aid you Donkey. [sic]”

Image Source: Flickr

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