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Deer hunting season is here, and most hunters are readying themselves for their big kills. While we can’t provide you with any tips or solutions for your hunting needs, we can at least try and make you laugh! So, we’ve put together a small collection of some of most hilarious deer hunting memes out there. These funny deer hunting memes should keep you company in your cabin at the end of the day or on that long truck ride back home. We’ve found some of the best deer hunting memes the Internet has to offer, so before you grab your gun, get a kick out of these hilarious hunting knee-slappers!

The Truth

Sometimes the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

This Guy Is Doing It All Wrong

Everyone knows that if you’re going to have a nap while having lunch, you should make sure that your lunch box is sealed tight! (At least it wasn’t a bear!)

Hunting Problems

The unfortunate solution to this problem is to go to the bar one day and just tell her that you’re going hunting. Then post the picture.

Not True

That deer’s kind of asking for it by calling us fat!

Important Safety Tip

Not Recommended

We don’t recommend this at all. If you lost all the ammo for both your bow and your rifle, chances are you aren’t going to hit squat with this either.

I Think We’ve All Been There

And as a Follow-Up…

This is why the squirrels are there in the first place.

That Noise in the Bush?

An accurate representation we think.

The One That Got Away

Again, accurate.

Friendly Reminder

Although these deer hunting memes are funny, deer hunting is serious business. Deer hunting rules, regulations, and time periods may differ from state to state and country to country, so make sure you’re informed of the laws!

So, before you go out there bringing down every deer in sight, make sure to double check that everything is in order and proper. That way, you won’t miss the season, get a fine, or worse, be forced to miss the next deer hunting season.