Downton Abbey season 6 is going to be bittersweet for fans, because while they may be excited for the show to return, “Series 6” will be the last one. However, with less than a week to go until the final season premiere on January 3, fans who follow the show on Instagram are being treated to a series of unique behind-the-scenes pictures, which offer a glimpse into how the period drama series comes together.

The most recent picture was of the home’s main cook, Mrs. Patmore (played by Lesley Nicol), helping to prepare a table full of delicious food with someone who looks like they’re from the show’s crew (judging by the modern clothing). The scene may be from the Downton Abbey season 6 Christmas special, which aired in the U.K. last week on Christmas day. (Although the final season doesn’t premiere in the U.S. until next week, Downton Abbey season 6 has already aired and wrapped up in the U.K.)

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Looking at the comments on this latest behind-the-scenes picture, fans are still devastated that the show is coming to an end. “Currently binge watching this fantastic show and I’m so saaaaad that it’s final season is around the corner! Where have I been!? [sic]” wrote one fan, while another admitted, “I am re-watching all the series, waiting for the US start on Sunday. I am making this my new week between Christmas and New Years tradition – re-watch the whole series. [sic]” Comments also surfaced from fans in Canada, China, and Denmark.

Some of the other behind-the-scenes shots on Instagram feature little George Crawley (played by Oliver Zac Barker) helping the cameraman, the Countess of Grantham (played by Elizabeth McGovern) working on her embroidery, and a behind-the-camera view of a dinner scene. All of these posts have continued to receive countless comments from loyal fans expressing their disappointment with Downton Abbey season 6 being the last one.

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Photo: Facebook/DowntonAbbey

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