It’s safe to say that A-list couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen are not having a great week.

Just days after her quarterback husband lost the appeal to overturn his four-day suspension from the New England Patriots, photos were released of the former supermodel trying to go undercover, but not in the smartest way. The mother of two was pictured in Paris wearing a burqa (traditional Muslim garb that covers from head to toe) and being dropped off at a plastic surgeon’s office, reportedly to get $11,000 worth of surgery done on her eyes and breasts.

Accompanied by her sister, Rafaela, the two posed as devout Muslims in a bid to go undercover. However, what gave them away was the open-toed footwear that is forbidden in the community, as well as Bündchen’s driver of many years. Also, in 2010, the French government banned wearing burqas in public areas.


The ex-Victoria’s Secret Angel supposedly had her eyes and breasts operated on, the latter apparently for sagging after her two pregnancies. However, the fact that she wore a burqa to disguise getting plastic surgery isn’t sitting well with a lot of people, and Bündchen has been getting a lot of heat for the move. Some speculate that these surgeries might have been a birthday present for Bündchen—she turned 35 on July 20. Following their visit, the sisters were whisked away for a five-day spa retreat at Les Sources de Caudalie, after which they made a quick exit from Charles de Gaulle airport.

Nonetheless, Bündchen has made a career out of looking beautiful. Just last year she made $47 million, making her the highest-paid model in the world. However, she decided to quit her glamorous career earlier this year, telling a Brazilian newspaper that she respected her body and that it was “a privilege to be able to stop.”


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