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Gio Benitez is a prominent, Emmy Award-winning American broadcast reporter and correspondent for ABC News. With his extensive news coverage and his willingness to get the story, it’s not surprising people are interested to learn more about him. We’ve got all the details you need to know on the respected reporter, including information on Gio Benitez’ husband, career, salary, and more. So, keep reading our Gio Benitez wiki!

Gio Benitez of ABC news was born and raised in Miami, FL, Benitez has covered numerous hard-hitting and memorable national and international news stories throughout his eventful and illustrious career. These stories range from the 2012 presidential elections to the Trayvon Martin murder case in the same year. In 2012, Benitez also traveled to the hurricane-ravaged island of Haiti to report on the utter destruction and devastation that was taking place there, showcasing his fearlessness in the face of adversity and danger, all in the name of journalistic due diligence and integrity. Most recently, Benitez has been front and center covering the rampage of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and he’s currently in his hometown of Miami, FL reporting on the impending impact of Hurricane Irma.

As with any celebrity or celebrated TV personality, people are interested in learning about Gio Benitez’s achievements as a journalist as well as his romantic life with his husband. He’s not afraid to go into the belly of the beast in order to get the story. Check out some of his amazing posts below!

Is Gio Benitez Gay?

Presumably, none of Benitez’s fans were surprised to find out that he’s gay, as rumors of a possible relationship with his co-anchor, David Muir, were circulating for a long time. The two were even spotted hanging out together outside of work at local watering holes and gay bars. What was actually surprising for a lot of fans of the two professional investigative journalists was that they never officially or publicly announced their relationship—if there ever was one—so the rumors about them dating were never substantiated. Of course, all of that is water under the bridge now that Gio Benitez is married to his husband, Tommy Didario, a travel and lifestyle blogger.

During a trip to Paris in 2015, Benitez surprised his then-boyfriend with a romantic and beautiful proposal right in front of the Eiffel Tower. If that doesn’t demonstrate everlasting love, then we don’t know what does! The couple was married the following year in a scenic outdoor wedding in front of 165 of their closest family members and friends. They’ve been living in wedded bliss ever since and Benitez even documented the momentous occasion on Instagram for all to see. Check out the cute pics below!

For the one-year anniversary of his wedding to Tommy Didario, Gio Benitez posted this touching tribute—a picture of their wedding bands, engraved with their combined initials and their wedding date. Cue the “Aww’s!”

Gio Benitez’s Family Life

It’s obvious that, by the age of 31, Gio Benitez has built up quite an amazing life for himself. Not only does he have a successful career as a journalist on TV with a wide range of supporters, but he’s also got a loving and accepting support system at home. He’s very family oriented and it shows. Take a look at some of these adorable family photos he’s posted on social media.

What is Gio Benitez’s Net Worth?

According to a few reputable online sources, Gio Benitez’s salary since he started working at ABC News in 2013 is about $50,000 annually. This brings his estimated net worth to approximately $3.5 million, which is pretty impressive for someone his age.