Gina Rodriguez, leading star of The CW’s hit show Jane the Virgin, won a Golden Globe last year for “Best Actress in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical” for her role. However, the accolades of the award apparently don’t fade with time, because she and her fans were ecstatic to learn that she has been nominated once again!

The 31-year-old said she dropped to her kitchen floor in tears when she received the news. “The Hollywood Foreign Press Association changed my life last year, like entirely,” she said about her previous win. “I don’t feel like I could have ever asked for any more.” Thankfully, she didn’t feel too bad about the Golden Globes after their Twitter account mistook her for America Ferrera, star of the sitcom Superstore.

Gina Rodriguez’s fans didn’t make such a mistake, knowing exactly where to send their responses to the news: the star’s personal Twitter account. Her feed is a seemingly endless stream of articles and retweets congratulating her. “So proud of you ! You deserve every award,” said one fan, while another added that “for the amount of times you’ve made me cry, I can say for sure that you’re winning. <3” Many fans got ahead of themselves and declared the award already won, with comments like, “Looking forward to another amazing acceptance speech from you!”

All this praise hasn’t been lost on Rodriguez, who remains humble even after having already won the award before. She wrote one more tweet that says it all: “My hustle is only as strong as my crew. Still on cloud nine from yesterday’s nomination and love. Totally didn’t get here alone, thanks all!”

And all this this is just for the nomination; imagine the outpour on social media if Gina Rodriguez goes on to actually win for the second year in a row!


Image Source: Flickr

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