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The star of Jane the Virgin, Gina Rodriguez, revealed on her Instagram that she suffers from anxiety. Now, fans of the 32-year-old actress are wondering about her personal life and Gina Rodriguez’s boyfriend. If you don’t want to be in the dark about him any longer, then take a look at our Joe LoCicero wiki!

Who is Gina Rodriguez Dating?

The Jane the Virgin star is dating Puerto Rican actor, Joe LoCicero. There’s no indication of Joe LoCicero’s age, but he’s believed to be around the same age as Rodriguez. At the moment, there’s no estimate on Joe LoCicero’s net worth, but fans of his girlfriend will remember him as the Don Quixote stripper from a couple episodes of Jane the Virgin. That was also the first time the couple met! Clearly he made quite the impression, and the pair have been together ever since.

Joe LoCicero’s Instagram

If you’re looking for Joe LoCicero’s pics then head over to the young actor’s Instagram account. Once you’re there, you will find posts about his love for fighting, pics of Rodriguez, and anything else that interests him. You will even see a photo of him and his girlfriend playing with elephants!

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This needed to be reposted ❤️ "This is a special gratitude post for @hereisgina, my bad-ass acting partner and friend, who I've witnessed time and time again over the last 3 years put everything she has into our show. Who is in almost every scene, and usually ends up working 14 hour days every day. Who seems to have an endless supply of energy despite publicly fighting #Hashimotos…which I'm pretty sure no one even notices or remembers because she a warrior and never shows how tired her body probably really is. Who even on minimal sleep, somehow always knows her lines and always delivers insane, emotional and brilliant performances that make America laugh & weep every week. But perhaps most importantly, is someone who treats everyone she meets with love and respect no matter how overworked, tired, or stressed she might be. I can write this because I've seen it firsthand, over and over again… and I know that to show up the way she does every day takes nothing short of a superhero. Grateful for you today G. Thanks for inspiring all of us. And since you dedicate one day a week to lifting up and recognizing others in this business who are doing great things… I think it's only fair that you let us do the same thing for you. #icaniwill #janethevirgin #loveyouTVbabymamma #warrior"

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His Red Carpet Debut with Rodriguez

LoCicero and Rodriguez officially confirmed their relationship when they walked the red carpet at the first annual Marie Claire Young Women’s Honors awards show in 2016. Rodriguez hosted and produced the event, which honors young Millennial women making a positive difference in the world. Rodriguez gave a speech about her dreams as a child and her desire for women to continue to break barriers.

“This has been a dream of mine since I was very young,” Rodriguez said, according to E! News. “I wanted to see images of myself on screen, I wanted to know I belonged, I wanted to know I was enough, I wanted to know I was strong. I wanted to know I was capable. I wanted to know I was possible. And every single woman in this room who came to be part of this project, that is helping me bring this project to a reality, is all that and more.”

“Our honorees are everything I dreamt of having when I was a young girl,” she added. “Now we get to do that for the next generation. We get to do that ourselves, for any generation, at any point, anything is possible. Especially now during this time we’re living in.”

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Gina Rodriguez Gets Anxiety

On her Instagram, Rodriguez revealed that she suffered from anxiety during a video of herself wearing no makeup as part of the “Ten Thousand Portraits” project by her friend, photographer Anton Soggiu.

In the caption, the Jane the Virgin actress said that watching herself without makeup on the streets of Los Angeles, made her feel uncomfortable.

“I suffer from anxiety,” she wrote. “And watching this clip, I could see how anxious I was. But I empathize with myself.”

“I wanted to protect her and tell her it’s OK to be anxious. There is nothing different or strange about having anxiety, and I will prevail,” the Golden Globe winning star added.

But despite feeling out of place, Rodriguez said she was happy to help out her friend and liked watching herself in the video.

“It makes me uncomfortable, but there is a freedom I feel, maybe even an acceptance,” she wrote. “This is me. Puro Gina.”