Gillian Turner is a Fox News contributor and worked at the White House for two presidential administrations: George Bush and Barack Obama. She was regularly seen in debates during the heat of the last U.S. election. Find out everything you need to know from Gillian Turner’s wiki, right here.

America knows Gillian Turner all too well. She is a well-known face of Fox News and is very well known for her amazing contribution to the political world. Her high-flying career had Turner working for two consecutive presidential administrations, allowing her to be the influential woman she is today. Though you will not find Gillian Turner’s bikini pics online, she does have other pics and an impressive résumé! Read on to know facts about Gillian Turner.

Gillian Turner’s Wiki

Gillian Turner was born on September 6, 1982, making her age 34. Though not much is known about her childhood and history, we do know that she graduated cum laude from Columbia University, New York. She has a B.A. in comparative politics, and a master’s degree from the University of Cape Town, in African security studies.

She Worked for the Government

Gillian Turner’s résumé is as strong as she is, with experience in the U.S. Department of State in both the Bureau of Democracy, and Human Rights and Labor. She also worked in the Office of the Minority Leader at the U.S. House of Representatives.


A Great Student

Did you know that Gillian Turner was a Sharp Fellow at Columbia University? The fellowship, which is given by the Department of Political Science, encourages research in American politics. The Phyllis Stevens Sharp Fellowship Fund is given to one or more undergraduate researchers or interns in government offices or agencies, and Turner is lucky enough to have been given the honor.

(Independent) Gillian Turner, an extremely charismatic individual with government expertise. #Gillianturner

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White House & Fox News

Turner was on the White House Security Council staff for presidents George.W.Bush and Barack Obama as a foreign policy and security analyst. She now works at Fox News and is the VP of Jones Group International, where she focuses her efforts on Africa and the Middle East under former National Security Adviser, Jim Jones.

She Can Dance!

Gillian Turner knows ballet and is thankful that it taught her how to perform under pressure —even in her political career. After high school, she danced with Pennsylvania Ballet for a year, and though she can’t give it much time today, she still loves ballet.

Her Mystery Man

News of Gillian Turner’s engagement has been known for quite some time now. The couple was seen paddle boarding at Potomac last September. Though the name of her husband-to-be is not known, she regularly mentions him in her tweets. 

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