Germany vs. France Betting Odds & Semifinal Predictions

Antoine Griezmann
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The UEFA European Championship (Euro 2016) semifinals are almost coming to an end and fans are already buzzing about the upcoming game on Thursday when Germany will face off against France. The Germany vs. France betting odds are becoming more and more apparent online, leading to discussions about the Germany vs. France prediction topics. Sports fans have been searching for anything in relation to bets on the game such as “Germany vs. France pick against the spread,” “Germany vs. France pick,” and “Germany vs. France odds.” Betting is part of the world of sports and naturally everyone wants to profit off their own predictions. But who will win now that the final game is on its way?

Germany vs. France Odds

The thoughts shared here could change someone’s mind and save someone a lot of money, depending on how much they’re willing to lose. So, keep an open mind because you may have the inside scoop on how to win your own office/social betting pool. When it comes to Germany and France, there’s no clear way of telling who the winner of Thursday’s semifinal game will be. There have been so many surprises and changes in these matches that the teams are finally learning how to switch things up, become more fluid in their techniques and to not be so predictable. There is no doubt that the few remaining teams left will be pushing themselves to the limit in order to win the championship.

Historically, France has been favored and they’re doing a good job of proving why they should be. They won 12 games in the match-up and lost 10, and they just eliminated Italy in their last game. There have also been five draws between both sides. But Germany is also a force of nature in their own right so hopefully France has been paying attention. Both sides are coming off their own respective victories and things are expected to get a little more exciting. If we had to choose a side, we would say that all bets will be on France.

Thursday’s Game

The game will take place on Thursday, July 7, at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille at 3:00 p.m. EST. This may come as bad news for those at work, but don’t worry because, as usual, we have you covered. You can live stream the game on ESPN by using the mobile ESPN app on your smartphone. Those who are enjoying their summer vacation at home can tune in online at WatchESPN or watch it on TV. Just make sure to check your local channel listings and to set your DVRs. Really, what could be better than betting on the game while being surrounded by food, family, and friends?


Germany vs. France Predictions

France is the host nation and is favored by many so Antoine Griezmann is the player to look out for on Thursday and possibly at future games. He’s finally started to look like the player he was expected to be since the tournament’s start. He has scored three goals in the previous two games, making him the man for Germany to watch out for. But there is a chance that France could win and head to the finals based on penalties. But like we said, anything is possible. Now that the stakes are higher as we inch closer and closer to the Euro 2016 final, teams are giving it all they’ve got for the chance at victory. The Euro 2016 game will be on Sunday, July 10, at the Stade de France in Saint-Dennis.

Who will you place your bets on for this year’s Euro 2016 champion?



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