Even when you’re a Grammy-winning celebrity, there are always going to be people who have no idea who you are. Judging by her Twitter feed, Cher had one interesting run-in with German police this past weekend, and it was something her A-list celebrity status couldn’t help her with. The iconic singer recounted the incident that supposedly went down on Friday night.

Cher says she was renting an apartment in Germany and the manager called the police on her around midnight, because he suspected that she was “sneaking out” without paying her bill. She also says the manager accused her of carrying a fake credit card and passport, an offense that could be penalized with steep fines and possibly even jail time, according to the German Criminal Code.

Although Cher’s tweets are a bit cryptic, it seems as if the confrontation with police ended better than it could have. Although she says they were relatively nice about it, they did find it strange that her passport (and presumably her credit cards) only listed her name as “Cher,” with no mention of a last name. As most fans probably know, the singer has officially changed her legal name (Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre Bono) to just Cher, so it makes sense that her passport would only have the one name on it.


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Despite the hassle, the singer is seemingly laughing off the scuffle, much like her fans are. Of the over 2,400 comments combined on the series of tweets, her followers commented with jokes about what she should’ve said and questions about how she convinced them she was the real deal.

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