Gerard Butler wasn’t always on the straight and narrow path to fame and fortune as an actor. He actually went to school to become a lawyer, but decided to pursue his real dream of acting after turning 25. Although it was hard for him to land any solid roles at first, Butler finally caught a break when he was cast in the stage production of Coriolanus. A couple years later, he shifted from London to L.A. to try and conquer the big leagues.

Butler went on to do minor roles in a few films before landing his breakthrough role playing Spartan King Leonidas in the movie 300. He has since starred in quite a long list of popular titles, like P.S. I Love You, RocknRolla, The Ugly Truth, and most recently, Olympus Has Fallen.

Butler has become known as something of a ladies’ man in Hollywood, never really settling down with one woman for too long. He’s been romantically linked to many beautiful women, including actresses Jessica Biel and Jennifer Aniston. But it looks like Butler may be putting his playboy prowess to rest because, at the age of 43, he seems to have found a younger woman to slow down with—24-year-old actress and model Madalina Ghenea.


Butler first met Ghenea in 2012 when they worked on an advertisement together. He was almost immediately smitten with the younger woman, but put his most chivalrous foot forward by holding off on making a move on their first date. He did, however, reportedly follow her to Milan just a few days later, and the celebrity couple has been dating ever since. Ghenea is no stranger to dating older men. Before Butler, she dated actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who is 14 years older than her.

In June 2013—just a month after Ghenea called Butler her “first true love”—Butler led reporters to believe that the relationship was over when he said he wasn’t in a serious relationship “at the moment,” adding, “But at some point I do want to settle down.” However, the couple was spotted in Rome together the following week, and it didn’t look like there were any signs of a recent break-up.

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