RuPaul and Georges LeBar arrive for the 71st Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles on September 22, 2019. (Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP) (Photo credit should read VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

About Georges LeBar
Age51 Years
BirthJanuary 24, 1973
Height6 feet 7 inches
SpouseRuPaul Charles 2017 - Present
HometownPerth, Australia

While RuPaul has cemented his presence on the entertainment and social landscape, there’s another thing that makes the drag queen superstar an inspiration—his pretty solid relationship with his partner of almost three decades. RuPaul’s husband, Georges LeBar, has been with the LGBTQ pioneer for years. But he’s a private person who prefers to keep out of the spotlight that shines bright on the RuPaul’s Drag Race star. He does, however, arrive as RuPaul’s date to many events, provoking our inquisitive minds. So we’ve got Georges LeBar’s wiki as a primer on the supportive husband of RuPaul.

Georges LeBar Lived in Australia

Georges LeBar was born on January 24, 1973 and lived a fair share of his life in Perth, Australia. However, his family is from Douglas, Wyoming in the U.S.

Georges’ grandparents, George and Georgene LeBar, were from Douglas. George passed away in 1989 and Georgene in 2009, both preceded in death by their son and daughter.

Their grandsons, Georges and Pierre LeBar, lived in Perth. But they seem to have returned to the U.S., where Pierre was based in Florida. Georges has lived in Florida, New York, and even Wyoming.

In recent years, Georges has spent most of his time at his ranch in Wyoming, which he inherited from his grandparents along with his grandmother’s love for the ranch life. Explaining how his other half isn’t interested in showbiz, RuPaul said his husband is more content managing the 60,000-acre ranch on land in Wyoming and South Dakota.

Posted by Georges Lebar on Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It also appears that the partners for life follow each other wherever their careers take them. RuPaul was also a frequent visitor to Australia when LeBar was there.

“I love the culture,” Ru said about Australia. “I’ve been with this Australian man [artist Georges LeBar] for the past 18 years. He’s from Perth and we’re going to Perth to see his family.

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LeBar Is an Artist

While he also manages a ranch, LeBar’s primary career is that of an artist. He studied fashion and design in New York, Paris, and Miami. From the looks of his Facebook, he has also held successful exhibitions of his artwork.

On his Facebook, he’s also shared colorful portraits of RuPaul’s drag persona. So you could say his husband is also his muse.

come, sister16" x 12"oil on wood2009

Posted by Georges Lebar on Friday, January 9, 2009

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LeBar and RuPaul Married in 2017

RuPaul Andre Charles and Georges LeBar met each other for the first time at the NYC location of the Peter Gatien-owned chain of nightclubs named The Limelight, where LeBar was celebrating his birthday. After that encounter on the dance floor, the couple has been together since 1994.

But RuPaul and his man weren’t keen on marriage. Nonetheless, they had a swift and secret wedding in January 2017, after 23 years together.

“No, I don’t stand on ceremony, I never want to conform to anything. We looked into it if we could get a tax break and stuff but not because… Is he devoted to me? Am I devoted to him? Oh, hell yes. [But] I never want to be like everybody else,” said the larger-than-life entertainer.

RuPaul is also candid about their open relationship, which he credits with keeping them together for years. “I love him too much to try to put shackles on him,” he told Vogue. “Love is free. It’s not that sort of romantic surface thing we all bought into. He is my most favorite person that I’ve met.”

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