Happy birthday to former president George Herbert Walker Bush! The 41st leader of the United States turns an astonishing 92 years old today (June 12), and it goes without saying that he has led quite the storied life. But outside of his presidency, you likely didn’t learn much about the man over the course of your high school history classes; more specifically, you probably didn’t learn about his family outside of their own political careers. Well, don’t waste time searching terms like “George H.W. Bush wife,” “George H.W. Bush kids” or “George H.W. Bush family” thinking that a bunch of info will be released on his special day. Instead, read on for some interesting facts about George H.W. Bush and his family on the 92nd George H.W. Bush birthday.

When George Met Barb

When George Met Barb


Barbara Bush, the former first lady and one and only love of George H.W. Bush’s life, met her then-future husband in 1941 when she returned home from boarding school to spend Christmas with her family. The two first made contact at a local dance but had little contact for some time after Bush left to fight in World War II. The couple married in January of 1945 after Bush returned home following a near-death experience when his fighter plane was hit.

Lest We Forget

George H.W. Bush Lest We Forget

Credits: Facebook/BarbaraBushFoundation

While the first two George H.W. Bush sons, George W. Bush and Jeb Bush, are easily the most famous of the couple’s children, he and Barbara actually had a daughter in-between: Pauline Robinson Bush, nicknamed “Robin.” Unfortunately, in 1953, young Robin passed away after losing a battle with leukemia, leaving the family quite damaged; the shock even caused Barbara’s hair to turn white, which it remains to this day.

All in the Family

George H.W. Bush All in the Family

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If you went by the aforementioned history classes, you would think that “George and Barb” stopped having kids after John Ellis “Jeb” Bush in 1953. However, the family lineage didn’t stop there as the powerful couple went on to have three more kids: Neil Mallon Bush in 1955, Marvin Pierce Bush in 1956, and Dorothy “Doro” Bush in 1959. Neil is a successful businessperson and investor while Dorothy acts as an event organizer for charities and non-profits; she even wrote a book about her father. As for Marvin, he now lives a very private life as he and one of his former businesses received heavy media scrutiny following the 9/11 attacks; the company provided security at the Twin Towers.

A Powerful Family


The Bush family, even before George H.W. Bush’s time, has been heavily involved in American history and enjoys accolades in politics, the military, business, and entertainment. The family tree even has two Super Bowl victories to its name! Of course, most of the Bush family awards and honors were awarded to George H.W. Bush due to his long life and time as president; these accolades include the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Distinguished Flying Cross. However, his son, George W. Bush, has at least one edge over his dad: he’s been named Time’s Person of the Year twice: once in 200 and then again in 2004. George Bush Sr. only enjoyed that honor once, back in 1990.

And a Tight One, Too

George H.W. Bush A Powerful Family

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Despite having their hands in so many cookies jars, the Bush family is said to be very close-knit, with their careers and politics coming in a distant second to each other. It’s often been rumored that the two Georges have a poor relationship due to differences on foreign policy, among other reasons, but in truth they are very close, especially since they both know the burden of leading the free world.