From Hollywood’s hottest bachelor to a real-life prince—if there’s one woman who knows how to polish her sugar baby game, it’s Monika Jakisic. The 33-year-old Croatian model, dubbed the “Croatian Sensation,” has been linked to celebrity sugar daddy George Clooney on several occasions, but the sugar baby is now said to be dating Prince Andrew, 54.

The rumored celebrity couple was recently spotted enjoying an intimate dinner together to celebrate the prince’s birthday, and according to onlookers, they were “cuddling up to each other.” The prince was reportedly doing everything he could to make his new sugar baby laugh, and was even seen “kissing her hand” a few times.

A couple days later, the celebrity couple was spotted getting close again, this time at a high-end members-only club in London. Prince Andrew was seen with his arms around Jakisic as he kissed her. “It was obvious they are a couple,” a witness told Us Weekly. “They looked like two lovebirds!”


Although Prince Andrew, who’s estimated to be worth $75 million, ended his marriage to Sarah Ferguson back in 1996, the Duchess of York was still reportedly stunned to hear that her ex-husband was dating the much younger sugar baby. “Sarah is a realist and knows remarriage is not on the cards while the Duke of Edinburgh is alive, but she is still a bit upset by this,” said a friend.

What do you think: Would you be upset if you found out that your ex-husband was dating a much younger sugar baby?


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