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Genevieve Reaume has been bringing all the latest news coverage to her hometown viewers for half a decade. And now, she’s moving on to the next step of her career. Genevieve Reaume announced she is leaving KATU ABC 2 News at the end of November 2022. The announcement naturally led to some questions from the residents of Portland, Oregon. They want to know where she is headed to and if they will see her on broadcast again. More importantly, they want to know if she will remain in Portland. Here’s what Genevieve Reaume said about leaving KATU News.

Genevieve Reaume Wraps Up Last Day at KATU News

Portland native Genevieve Reaume graduated from Jesuit High School and attended the University of Missouri-Columbia. She earned a bachelor’s degree in sports journalism in 2015.

Reaume had media internships at the Portland Society Page and the Foundation for the Undefeated. While in college, she also worked at Columbia’s KOMU-TV 8 News and was the ambassador of the Mizzou Journalism School.

Her first job after college was at KDRV-TV NewsWatch 12 in Medford, Oregon. After two years there, she moved back to Portland in 2017.

Reaume has been a reporter and anchor on KATU News for five and a half years. She’s not only accomplished multiple roles and went above and beyond to bring a story to her viewers, but she’s also endured hazards like getting attacked while reporting at a protest.

Now Reaume is leaving ABC 2 News and Portland for a new opportunity. She wrapped up her last day on the air at KATU News on November 30.

Her next stop is Bend, Oregon, where her family lives. And she’s got a new job, too.

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Genevieve Reaume will return to broadcast soon as the weekday evening anchor at Central Oregon Daily News. She will anchor the 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 11:00 p.m. newscasts Monday to Friday. Central Oregon Daily stated she starts in January.