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Upcoming rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting on Monday, June 18, 2018. Born Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, the rapper was as famous for his criminal history as he was for his rhymes. But he was arrested in 2016 for allegedly assaulting Geneva Ayala, his pregnant girlfriend. Since his death, Ayala has received an outpouring of comments (both good and bad). 

Geneva and XXXTentacion Met When Her Ex Posted Revenge Porn

Geneva Ayala became a headline-making personality when she was allegedly assaulted by XXXTentacion. She was pregnant at the time of the alleged abuse.

XXXTentacion’s ex-girlfriend is around two years older than him, which means Geneva Ayala’s age is believed to be around 22 years old. He recorded the song, “Ayala,” on his debut album for her.

Ayala was living with her high school boyfriend in November 2014 when XXXTentacion came into the picture. Back then, her relationship with her then-boyfriend was strained. An argument led the disgruntled man to post an explicit picture of Ayala on social media.

XXXTentacion and Ayala were flirting on social media for a year before they began dating. He saw the revenge porn pictures and messaged Ayala.

He insisted on fighting her boyfriend for what he did. He declared a date and time, too, but the boyfriend never showed up to fight the rapper.

Ayala and XXXTentacion began dating sporadically after that incident. But after just five months together, she came forward with abuse allegations against him.

She Moved Around a Lot in her Childhood

XXXTentacion and Ayala had both experienced hardships while growing up. Ayala’s father had 13 other kids besides her to pay attention to. Her mother never wanted kids.

XXXTenacion's Girlfriend

XXXTenacion’s Girlfriend (Photo: Instagram/yungnevaa)

A four-year-old Ayala moved in with her grandmother in Miami. During that time, she experienced bullying in school.

She was back with her mother when she was 12, but they had a rocky relationship. Things got worse when her mother stopped paying the bills. Then, her mother got pregnant and decided to move in with her boyfriend, and she ordered Ayala to move out.

Ayala lived wherever she found shelter—be it a neighbor’s home, her grandmother’s place, her uncle’s motel, or parks.

She worked at a Pizza Hut to pay for living expenses. Around the time she was battling XXXTentacion in court, she was working at a Dunkin’ Donuts.

She Was Pregnant when She Was Allegedly Abused

Geneva Ayala alleged that XXXTentacion abused her when she was pregnant with his child. The allegations led to his arrest in 2016.

She didn’t speak about the abuse much during his arrest. But she detailed the incidents in 2018 after the #MeToo movement gained traction.

A 2015 incident raised a few alarms for Ayala when they were dating on-and-off. She was reportedly admiring a Snapchat video posted by her friend when XXXTentacion smashed her iPhone on to ground and slapped her in the face. He allegedly hit her again later that day.

An account of what XXXTentacion allegedly put his ex through was detailed in Geneva Ayala’s testimony transcript, which was 142 pages long! The documents said that he beat her with bottles and hangers and held her head under running water in the bathtub. He once attacked her for humming to another artist’s music and for laughing at another man’s joke.

They planned to have a child together, and he reportedly claimed that he wanted them to be together for a long time. But an incident in October 2016 led to aggravated battery charges being filed against him.

According to court documents, Ayala was reportedly pregnant with their child when he brutally assaulted her.

XXXTentacion pleaded “not guilty” and was out on bail. He counter-alleged that she cheated on him and was attempting to blackmail him. At one point, he even denied she was pregnant with his child.

She Was Subjected to Harassment from His Fans

In November 2017, XXXTentacion’s defense team submitted documents signed by Ayala that stated she wouldn’t testify against him in court. Ayala claimed that she signed the documents because she was afraid of his fans.

She said, “He always invited all his fans to go to every court appearance … When I walk out of the courtroom and onto the street, what are people going to do?”

Ayala alleged that his fans would show up at the Dunkin’ Donuts she worked at to harass her, which led to her quitting after just three weeks there. XXXTentacion’s fans also targeted her on social media by reporting her posts and hacking her Twitter account. The harassment allegedly extended to her GoFundMe page, too.

According to reports, Ayala was deserted by most of her friends during the ordeal. And XXXTentacion’s family and friends would also call her repeatedly to tell her to drop the charges.

Suspecting coercion, prosecutors added “witness tampering” to the rapper’s long list of charges.

She Received Donations in the Wake of XXTentacion’s Death

Ayala needed orbital surgery for injuries sustained when XXXTentacion allegedly gave her two black eyes. With no health insurance, she launched a GoFundMe page to cover the costs of her surgery.

Shortly after she launched the page back then, the rapper’s fans reported it as fraudulent. The page would be frozen several times, making it difficult for her to raise money. Her harassers even accused her of exaggerating and falsifying her injuries to get more money.

But the page was reactivated by the site weeks ago, and people began donating to her surgery costs again.

Now, Geneva Ayala’s Instagram account is being flooded with support after XXXTentacion was killed in a drive-by shooting. Though some hardcore fans are still attacking her character online, falsifying rumors regarding her reaction to his death. It got so bad, that Ayala herself took to Twitter to bark back at the haters! Here’s what she had to say:

Even still, her GoFundMe page has seen extensive activity in the hours following his death.

As of this writing, Ayala has received well over $30,000 towards her $25,000 goal. The status of her current health and details about her child are not known.

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