There’s a lot going on in the city of Port Charles and we’ve got the latest news and General Hospital spoilers. But let’s be honest here, the biggest buzz around GH right now is Patient Six and his imminent return. Interestingly, it’s almost like a few characters are foreshadowing the possible big shakeup that may be coming. Here is a small General Hospital recap with some General Hospital spoilers for 10/10/17.

What’s Going on in Port Charles?

What’s going on in Port Charles, right now? As usual, quite a bit, but we’ll go over the best points. Griffin mentions Ava to Sonny and Carly which does not go over well with Carly, especially when it’s brought forth that Griffin went to Russia to save Ava. Meanwhile, Franco reveals to Liz that Jason had a twin —who is not him, but died at the age of three.

He’s Almost Here

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite mystery character, Patient Six, has headed to America after being in Russia for quite a while. Five years in fact, as Patient Six gets a hold of a newspaper with the current year on it, which comes as a shock to him.

Possible General Hospital Spoilers for This Week

Here’s where we start getting into theories and possible General Hospital spoilers this week.

  • We left Carly asking Griffin about what Griffin could possibly see in Ava. How does Griffin answer that? We’re betting that he finally reveals his true feelings for Ava, which may have repercussions for everyone involved, especially Griffin.
  • Franco may have sworn Liz to secrecy about his revelations but that may not have lasted long, as she tells Jason and Sam that Franco has something to say to them. While Franco may come clean, in Prince Charles, nothing tends to go the simple route. We’re guessing that this is a bit of a swerve and Franco will be able to avoid telling the truth for a little bit longer. But how much longer?
  • When Patient Six’s presence becomes known in Port Charles, regardless of his identity, it’s going to start stirring the pot significantly. Patient Six headed to the back door of a house and that door looks a lot like local mob boss, Sonny’s. But why? We know Patient Six tried calling Sonny before he left for America, but he’s never revealed his motive. We also know that Patient Six has some connection with Jason but what that connection hasn’t been made clear yet. Is Patient Six the real Jason who was shot and left for dead? Is Patient Six Jason’s twin brother? Don’t expect answers right away, it is a soap opera, after all! But that being said, we expect Sonny is going to learn of the masked man’s identity shortly, but will be keeping it secret for a price that will be later be named.

What’s in Store for Port Charles?

Now, this is just speculation on our part and may not be actual GH spoilers but here’s what we think is coming. Patient Six’s identity is going to be revealed to the general public in a month, maybe two. He is going to reveal himself to be Jason Morgan but there might not be proof (or enough of it) to confirm that fact. Patient Six seems to be missing some memories so there’s even a chance he’s not who he thinks he is. Expect there to be plenty of twists and turns along the way! And make sure you keep coming back here for the more information and General Hospital updates and spoilers.