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We’ve all heard about Chuck Norris. Beyond the Chuck Norris jokes that have been circulating the internet for years and long before all the memes that have since been created, we knew about Chuck Norris the action star from his most notable hit TV show, Walker, Texas Ranger. But what about Chuck Norris’ wife? What you may not know is Norris’ wife, Gena has been having health issues for the past few years, and now she and her husband have aimed lawsuits at those they feel are responsible. In this Gena Norris wiki, we’ll take a look at Chuck Norris’ wife’s bio, along with the current lawsuit they’ve filed. We’ll fill you in on all the information you need to know about Gena Norris.

A Biography in Brief

Gena Norris was born Gena O’Kelley to Alan and Annette O’Kelly in California in 1963. Career-wise, Gena started as a model but slowly worked her way into small acting parts in theatre and television productions. The story about how Gena met Norris is actually quite interesting. They actually met while Norris was on a date with someone else! The next day, Gena was on set of Norris’s TV show, Walker, Texas Ranger. They became friends and as such, Norris asked Gena to come back. After a number of set visits, the couple fell in love and eventually married. Gena Norris’s age at the time was 35 while Chuck Norris was 58. Despite the age gap, the two have been inseparable ever since. On August 30, 2001, Chuck Norris and Gena Norris were blessed with twins, a boy they named Dakota Alan Norris, and girl named Danilee Kelly Norris. Chuck Norris has three other children, two from his previous marriage, Mike and Eric, and a daughter, Dina, that was conceived during an affair Norris had while married to his first wife.

In terms of social media, Gena Norris’s Instagram and Facebook apparently don’t exist. But Chuck Norris does have a very good social media presence, often posting pictures of Gena on his Instagram.

The Recent Lawsuit

In 2012, Gena Noris had an MRI. When doctors are looking for certain particular issues, occasionally a contrast agent is used in order to show up more. These contrast agents usually contain a non-toxic metal that your body will dispose of in a relatively quick manner. The contrast agent used for Gena’s MRI contains a chemical called gadolinium dye.

On November 1, 2017, Chuck Norris and his wife filed a lawsuit against 11 different drug companies. The lawsuit alleges that Gena Norris has been suffering from Gadolinium Deposition Disease, a rare virus that is a reaction to deposits of gadolinium that are still within the body. This disease can cause many side effects that are neurological in nature. In the lawsuit, Gena complains of exhaustion, spurts of pain and burning sensations, weakness and cognitive issues. Currently, the couple is seeking $10.0 million dollars in damages from these manufacturers, including McKesson and Bracco. According to the lawsuit, Gena Norris has had to undergo a number of constant treatments since 2012 in order to regain her health, and most of those treatments are costly.

The issue of gadolinium dye has been discussed for a number of years with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration stating in may that they found there was no evidence that the deposits of gadolinium were harmful. A European Agency did find similar results but unlike their U.S. counterparts, the European agency did suggest suspending the use of gadolinium agents. According to Norris’s lawyers, most doctors are unaware of the possible issues of gadolinium dyes and that many people are misdiagnosed due to that and the fact that blood and urine testing for gadolinium is relatively a relatively recent procedure.