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Mystery surrounds the ultimate fate of Gary Mendez (played by James Roday Rodriguez) as the fifth and final season of A Million Little Things draws to a close. Since its premiere, the series has gotten positive reviews, and Gary has quickly become a fan favorite. After being diagnosed with lung cancer, the fans are anxious to know if Gary from A Million Little Things will die in the show’s last episode. Read on for the latest scoop!

Is Gary Mendez Leaving A Million Little Things

James Roday Rodriguez was cast as Gary Mendez in A Million Little Things in 2018. And since then, he has been the main character on the show.

Allison Miller portrays Maggie Bloom as Gary’s love interest. The two characters have taken us on an emotional roller coaster throughout the series.

In the fourth season finale of the critically acclaimed drama, it was revealed that Gary, who had previously survived breast cancer, is now in a life-or-death battle with lung cancer. Gary hears the terrible news just as he and his soulmate prepare to have their first child.

Season 5 began with the episode titled The Last Dance and featured the family of friends coming together once again to commemorate the life of a loved one who passed away unexpectedly. But after the 11th episode of the fifth season, fans worried about Gary, wondering if he will die.


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The penultimate episode opens with the devastating news that Gary’s cancer has spread to his other lung, and the medication isn’t helping. Maggie is not ready to give up and even suggests an experimental trial in Mexico.

She also arranges for the trip, and Gary agrees to it only for her sake because he doesn’t want Maggie to shoulder the guilt for not having done more. However, Maggie has a change of heart and thinks Gary should spend his last days with his loved ones.

“I realized that he needs to be here for whatever time he—he just needs to be here, with all of us,” Maggie says to the group.

The show’s viewers see a surprise proposal and an impromptu wedding at the end of episode 12. Maggie plans to cherish every last moment she has with Gary. So, she and Delilah narrow down the ring that Gary had initially bought for Maggie. A surprise wedding follows the proposal in front of all their friends.

Even the cast doesn’t know about Gary’s ultimate fate, as the producers have chosen to keep it a secret. The last episode is titled One Big Thing and will surely be emotional.

The final episode’s blurb says, “A tight-knit circle of friends is reminded that friendship is a million little things.” That might indicate that the last episode is more like a group of friends getting together to celebrate life.

And the fear of fans came true in the last episode, which was broadcasted on Wednesday, May 3, at 10:00 p.m. Gary died in the finale episode. Thee episode began with Maggie finding her husband pale and unable to talk, refusing food and water. He uses whiteboard to communicate with his people.

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Also, this is the final season of A Million Little Things. And unfortunately, the show will not be renewed for the next season.