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Gary Busey mesmerized film buffs for over four decades by portraying interesting and strange characters in movies like Predator 2 and Point Break. He was on Dancing with the Stars two years ago, and now, the veteran actor is living life with his partner, Steffanie Sampson and their son, Luke.

Steffanie Sampson may be known as Gary Busey’s girlfriend, but she is an actress who made appearances in television movies like 2004’s Miss Castaway and the Island Girls, 2005’s Alien Express, and more recently 2016’s Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens with Busey.

She is also mom to Luke Samson Busey, and a certified hypnotist. Keep reading to know more about this versatile actress in our Steffanie Sampson wiki!

The Hollywood Girl

Born on August 19, 1974, as Steffanie Sampson Thomas in Hollywood, California, Steffanie Sampson’s age is 43. She loved acting from a young age. As a five-year-old, she created characters and acted them out for several hours with her sister, Marnie.


She studied acting at the prestigious Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre in Los Angeles. Famous alumnus of the academy includes Mark Ruffalo and Benicio Del Toro.

Although she earned a lot from the movies she acted in, Steffanie Sampson’s net worth is not known. But, it was well documented that Busey struggled with financial problems. The actor filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012, after claiming to have over $500,000 in debt.

Her Relationship with Gary Busey

She began dating Busey in June 2008 and they welcomed their son nearly two years later. The actor was previously married to Judy Helkenberg, whom he divorced in 1990.

Steffanie Sampson’s baby, Luke Sampson Busey, was born on February 23, 2010.

She supports Busey as he champions for kids with Kawasaki disease, a rare illness that affects the blood vessels in children between one and eight.


Sampson and Busey appeared on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap in 2012. They swapped lives with pastor Ted Haggard and his wife, Gayle. On the show, Sampson revealed that she and Busey were married “in spirit,” with Bussey adding that they were together in 31 previous lives.


What Does Steffanie Sampson Do?

Sampson’s last acting project was Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens, in 2016. That same year, it was announced that the actress would be seen in the new cowboy movie, Restitution: The Legend of Cordell Prince. But as recently as October 2017, funds are still needed for the comic book to be made into a film, so at this point, it seems to be up in the air.

Sampson also performs stand-up comedy and is a certified hypnotist.

During a performance at the Improv in Hollywood, she shared a hilarious anecdote about her partner and son’s teeth saying, “Watching Gary and Luke brush their teeth is like watching the Scrubbing Bubbles clean a bath tub. They floss their teeth with rope. You never know what they’re going to find.”


She prefers to keep a low profile on social media and Steffanie Sampson’s pics generally include a few of Busey and her family. Her Twitter has just over 1,000 followers.

Though Sampson doesn’t post many pictures of her son, Busey shared an adorable picture of himself and Luke as they celebrated Independence Day.

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