Is it just us, or has this been arguably one of the most brutal seasons in Game of Thrones history? After the latest episode, which didn’t bode well for the young noble turned assassin Arya Stark, fans were quick to make up their own Arya Stark fan theories and it even got us thinking of our own Arya Stark fan theory. After witnessing last Sunday’s episode, Game of Thrones fans have been searching “Arya Stark stabbed,” “Will Arya Stark survive?” and “Is Arya stark going to die?” This led us to wonder “What will happen to Arya Stark?”

Fans have come up with their own theories regarding the fate of Arya Stark, leading to three top possible scenarios: she planned the attack, it wasn’t Arya Stark, and the Waif and Arya are the same person. We explore all these theories in order to discover the possible fate of the Stark heiress.

Theory 1: The Attack Was Planned

A popular fan theory is that Stark planned the attack by the Waif on the bridge in order to escape without being hunted by assassins. People have been very vocal on social media about how reckless and unwise it was for Stark to be out in broad daylight with assassins marking her for death. And they also found it odd that she was without her sword, Needle.

It has been hypothesized that Stark had anticipated the attack on her life at some point and decided to line her clothes with pigs’ blood, assuming that the attacker would strike in the chest area, as most attackers do, since it’s an easier target. Stark then escapes The Waif (in somewhat of a miraculous manner, given her wound) and jumps into the river. Stark also saw that same disguised face in season 5 in the hall, which means she would recognize it. The idea is that she washes onto shore and continues to walk the streets seemingly wounded, leaving a trail of blood for the assassins to follow. But the trail of blood may actually lead to an alley where Stark is ready to strike back. There’s never a shortage of plot twists on Game of Thrones, so anything is possible.

Theory 2: It Wasn’t Arya Stark

Another interesting fan theory is that it wasn’t Arya Stark at all who got stabbed, but rather Jaqen H’ghar, who took Stark’s place and was disguised as her. This could be true since Stark wasn’t carrying her trusted sword, Needle. But this theory contradicts the first one, which says that Stark put Needle somewhere else in order to draw The Waif out in an expected ambush after betraying the other assassins. Whatever the case, fans can expect Arya Stark to live to see another day—assuming the writers don’t throw us for a loop again. After all, on a show like this one, virtually no character is entirely safe from death.

Theory 3: The Waif and Arya Stark Are the Same Person

One last interesting theory is that Arya Stark and The Waif are the same person—holy plot twist, Batman! Could it be true? Are The Waif and the assassin one and the same? This new theory derails the young Stark from avenging her family by facing her greatest enemy ever: herself. Fans theorized that after Stark came to the den of the Faceless Men, she experienced a dual identity, making The Waif her killer instinct, allowing her to truly become No One.

With so many great theories it’s hard to pick just one, so you’ll have to watch the next episode on Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.