The last episode did more to incite Game of Thrones theories than it did to answer any questions. We saw the return of The Hound in a peaceful little community, and then we tragically saw Arya get stabbed by her faceless enemy before she could leave the island of Braavos. One theory that’s been burning the minds of GoT fans is this: Is Lady Stoneheart coming? And just who is Lady Stoneheart? Let’s explain.

For fans of the Game of Thrones series who haven’t read the books, here’s the Lady Stoneheart wiki. In the book, Lady Stoneheart is the resurrected zombie-like version of Catelyn Stark. If you need your memory jogged, Catelyn Stark died in the Red Wedding, brutally murdered by the Freys, along with her son Robb and his wife. Lady Stoneheart is the reincarnation of Lady Stark, and she is resurrected by Beric Dondarrion to take revenge on all those she feels have wronged her.

She doesn’t go through all of this revenge and murdering on her own, though. In the books, she leads a ban of fighters called The Brotherhood Without Banners (with Thoros of Myr reprising his role this season!) and together they go bonkers on anyone named Lannister or Frey. She even approaches Brienne of Tarth and accuses her of being a traitor because she’s carrying a Lannister sword. Brienne swears her loyalty, but Lady Stoneheart tests this notion by telling her she must kill Jaime. We’ll leave this part alone for now. Read the books if you want to know what happens to Brienne!

Game of Thrones Fan Theories

As far as Game of Thrones fan theories go, the return of Lady Stoneheart is destined. A lot of this speculation has to do with the major role she plays in the books, but there have been some hints in the TV series that is flaming these rumors.

The first hint is that the ducks are lining up, if you will. For example, the Freys have returned in this season, and they are on the prowl for Blackfish after he took over one of their castles. The return of the Freys sets up the opportunity for vengeance—a small hint, but when put together with some other signs, it makes sense. Like following the lead of the books, both Jaime and Brienne are making their way to Riverrun for different reasons. It’s possible that Lady Stoneheart will make her first appearance and ask Brienne to prove her loyalty.

That’s just one theory. There’s another theory floating around that Arya Stark might actually take the place in the series as the new Lady Stoneheart. This makes a lot sense for many reasons, especially after last episode when Arya was viciously attacked.

We aren’t sure of Arya’s fate after she’s stabbed. She stumbles through the streets bleeding before the scene is over. But that just sets the stage even better for her to be the new Lady Stoneheart. Who would have more motivation to kill just about everyone sans her last name than Arya? Not to mention she still has a lot of people to cross off her list! This theory makes it that much easier and much more possible that Arya is going to be the new Lady Stoneheart.

Another reason that Arya is a likely candidate is due to her training with the faceless people. They have taught her how to kill and do so pretty damn effectively. She ends up going against their teachings and wants out of Braavos, but she’s still a trained assassin in many respects. This seems like the more likely outcome, but GoT producers and actors are notoriously tight-lipped so no one knows anything for sure. Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see what happens this week. Till then, sound off with your own fan theories in the comments section below!