A general view of show props at HBO's "Game of Thrones" Season 6 behind the scenes fan event at Hollywood & Highland on December 9, 2016 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Tasia Wells/WireImage)

It wouldn’t be Game of Thrones if Cersei Lannister, the shamed and resident Queen of evil, weren’t plotting in order to usurp the Iron Throne and have everyone ruled under her dominion. The Internet has no doubt been flooding with fans searching for Game of Thrones theories and Cersei Lannister theories. Of course, the majority of the theories surround Cersei Lannister and Jaime Lannister and by the way things are going, GoT theories are expecting wildfire to be a crucial part of Cersei’s plan, which fuels more wildfire theories (pun intended).


For those who don’t know, wildfire (which is most likely based on Greek fire) is a volatile green liquid that burns for a long time when ignited. It can burn on water and continues burning until the object or target is completely gone. So, if you’re thinking of using urine to help extinguish the flame—please don’t! The urine would bond to the wildfire and travel upward, and the guys on the show especially wouldn’t want that. The only thing that would help extinguish the perpetual flames would be sand but you would need a lot of it. The liquid is usually stored in clay or glass jars and it’s possible that Cersei is going to burn King’s Landing with it.

Cersei Lannister

Why would Cersei want to burn down King’s Landing? Well, both in the book and the TV show, as a child she was given a prophecy by a woman, Maggy the Frog (who is a witch not a frog), who said Cersei will see all her children crowned but all see them all die. So far on the TV show, the vision holds true, and let’s face it, King Tommen is too nice and naïve to last that much longer on a show like this. The rest of the prophecy foretells Cersei’s own death by a younger sibling, possibly Jaime or Tyrion. But who knows? The Mountain might also have a part in the plot.

Though Jaime is passionately in love with his sister he may have to kill her in order to stop her plot after he discovers just who she really is. And, of course, Tyrion hates Cersei and would happily kill her. But fans will have to wait for Game of Thrones season 6 to finish just to find out how things pan.

Wildfire Theory

In a nutshell the Wildfire theory is described as Jaime killing his sister to prevent her from destroying King’s Landing with the use of Wildfire, which was last used by Tyrion in season 2 in the Battle of the Blackwater.

In Bran’s vision, King’s Landing explodes by the use of Wildfire, which is possibly kept under King’s Landing. It was depicted as a future event and the only person madder than the Mad King is Cersei, so she might just do it.

Why burn King’s Landing?

It’s a popular theory that Cersei might burn King’s Landing down in a fit of rage after Margaery’s plan to persuade the faith, which somehow leads to Tommen’s death. It’s bad enough that Cersei and Margery hate each other. Fans don’t have concrete evidence about the future or the final episode of season 6, but if anything can bring about the end and set Cersei into “kill them all” mode then it is highly plausible to be the death of her last child. Cersei has shown how she disapproves of how Tommen rules as a kind leader and her disapproval of his wife, but she is still a mother who loves her son.

How do you think the Wildfire theory will pan out?