Game of Thrones season 7 is almost over but the fun isn’t! Especially when the Internet is full of memes and the Night King, yes the Night King. We need more of the Night King because he looks like a “cool” guy. If you haven’t watched Game of Thrones season 7, episode 6 yet, there’s a lot more than just laughter you can gain from these memes.

Through the highs and lows of it all, Game of Thrones is as funny as it is dramatic. Season 7 has been the most dramatic yet and we’re not just talking about the awesome dragon battle or Jon Snow and Daenerys’ interactions! Hackers tried to dampen the enthusiasm, but Game of Thrones season 7, episode 6 still got the viewership it deserved, even after all the leaks. So, it looks like HBO gets the last laugh! Speaking of laughs, did you know there were some rather cool Game of Thrones season 7 memes on the Internet? When you add the greatest TV show ever to the best use of Internet mockery, some of the greatest memes surrounding the show are birthed.  Since episode 6 titled “Beyond the Wall” ended on such an epic note, we should celebrate with some GoT memes and a special mention of the Night King. If he’s dancing to Drake’s “Passionfruit” he can’t be such a bad guy, right? 

#1. The Winter Olympics team looks strong!

#2. Varys’ birdies told us Bronn got the Bronze.

#3. If the Night King is busy at the Olympics, everyone is saved!

#4. Do followers of the Lord of the Light travel at the speed of light?

#5. And he wonders why he’s stuck in the friend zone…

#6. The real tragedy of leaks.

#7. Food for thought.

#8. Define “stupid.”

#9. He’s just eager to get back and eat some chicken!

#10 For that guy, quite literally.

#11. It’s believable.

#12. He may know nothing, but he’s going to avenge his cousin!

#13. Damn those onion-cutting ninjas!

#14. That explains a lot.

#15. Gendry needs a break.

#16. Winter Olympics is here!

#17. Clegane to Night King’s resurrected dragon: “But did you die?”

#18. The grooviest King beyond the wall.

#19. “Steven the Night King” has a nice ring to it.

#20. And finally, he (virtually) bends the knee!