With the sixth season of Game of Thrones coming in a couple weeks, fans have been wondering what inventive ways the show’s writers will use various locations around the world. The show is known for its amazing feat of filming in various global locations simultaneously and never missing a beat. That kind of dedication and coordination is actually pretty impressive, and it’s no doubt that creativity and effort is reflected in each story. When aiming for accuracy related to clothes, weaponry, and setting, Game of Thrones always hits the mark.

Where is Game of Thrones season six filmed? The burning question can now be answered as Thrones is set to film this season in Spain. The Emmy award-winning show is set in a studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland but travels to the far reaches of the world just to find that perfect location.

Let’s take a look back to some of the memorable sets that were used around the world in the past five seasons.


Season 1

The show has its principal location based in a studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Many of the large sets are filmed here, but that hasn’t stopped the show from venturing out to new and exotic locations for that perfect sense of scenery. The devil is in the details, and that’s what helps make the show perfect for fans to admire—it leaves us craving more. Filming also took place in Malta for scenes in King’s Landing and Pentos in order to get just the right warmth and atmosphere that those scenes needed.

Season 2

In this season filming branched out to new countries away from Ireland and took place in Croatia and Iceland (that’s the warm one). The Croatian port city Dubrovnik was used as a stand-in for King’s Landing.

Season 3

For this season production moved to Morocco to be used for the cities of Astapor and Yunkai of Slaver’s Bay. But as many may not know (unless they really are die-hard fans), Morocco was never used again for this location, and other parts of Croatia had to be substituted instead.

Season 4

In this season Croatia, Iceland (remember, that’s the warmer one), and Northern Ireland were filmed on location all at once. Talk about multi-tasking!

Season 5  

Along with Northern Ireland, where filming is always a home base of operations, the sets expanded to an unlikely location this season: some filming on a sound stage also took place in Calgary, Canada!


With all these exotic places listed, it’s hard not to book a flight right now. But those of you who can’t afford physically go to these places right now, just remember: Game of Thrones returns on April 24 at 9:00 p.m. on HBO.

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