When does Game of Thrones season 6 start? The greatest question of all time has finally been answered.

After the epic YouTube trailer that has everyone rewatching, fans can sleep easy knowing that the HBO hit’s season six premiere date has been announced to be Sunday April 24, 2016. With this season containing its usual 10 episodes, we can’t afford a single one to go to waste and still wish we weren’t being teased while waiting for what feels like forever just to watch the first episode.

But then again Game of Thrones has never been known to squander an episode before and doesn’t intend to start now. With more graves than a cemetery the show has a reputation for the unexpected, scandalous and horrific. Even the most crucial and beloved characters aren’t spared—just ask Jon Snow’s Kit Harington. (Too soon?) Speaking of Jon Snow, fans managed to catch a glimpse of the fallen warrior in the recent trailer hoping he may still be alive. Though anything is possible, we shouldn’t get our hopes up. Sometimes actors are called back just to play dead on set and never return, even in newer flashbacks.


This upcoming season is expected to be worth the hype but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This season is said to be the strongest one yet, not leaving any doubt after the final script. But ask any Game of Thrones fan and they will most likely say that each season is strong but there’s always that one thing they would have done differently.

With the body count always rising, it’s expected that new and intriguing characters need to be introduced. But fans have learned by now not to get attached to anyone in particular. The only thing guaranteed is that season six will be epic and the wait will soon be over.

One thing we can leave you with pending the season six premiere is the ction-packed trailer for season six. Since Game of Thrones has been known to up the ante and set the standard in TV fight scenes, fans won’t want to miss a single second of what’s to come. So much so that even blinking might be too risky for viewers. When a war is waged, there are rarely survivors or innocents—just the battlefield littered with bodies. Oddly enough, that also describes the weddings—all of them actually. But nonetheless, there’s no question where fans will soon be on Sunday nights. Check out the trailer below!



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