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Gabbie Hanna is a famous YouTube celebrity who has over 5.9 million subscribers. She has always been open about her mental health and other details on her channel, which has also helped earned her such a massive following. Recently, the 27-year-old vlogger posted a video about a past breakup and the toxic details surrounding the whole ordeal. But who was Gabbie Hanna dating?

If you follow Gabbie Hanna’s channel, then you must have seen the recent video she posted, explaining the details of one very volatile relationship she once had. Many of her followers are curious to know more about Gabbie Hanna’s mystery man, but she never names him in the video. In the past, there were rumors that Gabbie was dating actor Desmond Harrington, but their relationship was never confirmed.

In the video, which Gabbie finally had the courage to post, she explains all the lies and manipulation this guy put her through, hoping it might help others who have been in the same situation. She never blames this person for any issues she’s had with mental help, but admitted he contributed to a lot of her heartbreak. The video is titled I Dated a Pathological Liar.

She Had No Intention of Ever Posting the Video

Gabbie filmed the video a few months ago and she admits had no intention of ever posting it on her channel. However, she filmed it to organize her thoughts and feelings and decided after editing it, that it might just help others going through the same thing.

She felt like it was important to talk it out with herself, and she considers YouTube as therapy. Although Gabbie has long moved on from the breakup, she still wanted to edit and post the video for the world to see.

Because Gabbie Hanna’s ex-boyfriend left the Mormon Church several years ago, she explained that she had to edit a few parts out of the video. He doesn’t practice Mormonism anymore, but his family does, so she didn’t want to create any problems for him, even though he remains nameless.

Gabbie gave a heads-up that viewers may find some parts of the video confusing, which is due to the edits she had to make.

Gabbie was angry, hurt, and betrayed when she filmed the video. But she explained that the girl she is right now is completely different from the girl she was back then.

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She Was Emotionally Abused

Gabbie Hanna Relationship Post

Gabbie Hanna Thanked Her Fans in This Post For Their Support After She Shared a Video on Her Ex-Boyfriend (Photo: Instagram/thegabbieshow)

Gabbie was in an emotionally abusive relationship and quickly learned that he was a pathological liar. She said that when she first met him he seemed very nice and presented himself as a caring, honest, and loving person.

But after about six months, Gabbie says that she found out that he lied about everything, including his career. She wonders if she ended up in that scenario because she wanted a relationship since other areas of her personal life were suffering.

Even now, though she knows it’s wrong, she still makes excuses for his constant lies and actions, adding that she may have allowed herself to get into a relationship where she was being emotionally abused. So, after much healing and moving on from the ordeal, she took to her channel to share her story. This way, others in a similar situation won’t ignore the red flags.

Another reason why she didn’t want to post the video was that she was embarrassed to see herself so vulnerable, and she’s still ashamed she let this happen to her.

But Gabbie is very happy to be out of that situation. It was a learning experience for her, and she is thankful that she is a better person today.

She has had three boyfriends before this mystery man and never made a video about any of them or their arguments for that matter. Gabbie has never revealed her ex-boyfriends or shown their faces.

The YouTuber further clarifies that he is not active on social media at all, so there is no way that people could ever find him.

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Gabbie Hanna’s Relationship with the Mystery Man

In the video, the YouTuber explains how her ex continuously lied to her throughout their relationship. Eventually, she realized that she didn’t want to put up with it anymore.

She explained that this ex always had a lot of female friends and would often go for dinners, movies, and lunches with them. In one instance, she said that he met a girl on Tinder and they became friends. Red flag number one.

One day, that female friend asked Gabbie’s then-boyfriend to come over to her place. Gabbie didn’t react, so he told her that he would stop talking to her if she was uncomfortable with it. But Gabbie said that wasn’t necessary. Gabbie wasn’t the jealous type, and trusted that they were just friends. Regardless, he told her he’d stop.

However, Gabbie later found out that he was still talking to her behind her back. In fact, she found out that girl was the same “friend” who got him high for the first time at a party and made a move on him. It wouldn’t have really mattered to Gabbie all that much, except that he lied about that being the same girl. Clearly, he was beginning to lose track of his lies.

When Gabbie confronted him about it, he said that he made it all up to make her feel jealous because he was insecure about how much Gabbie liked him. He felt that she had a lot of options when it came to guys, and he wanted to make her feel the way he did.

He told Gabbie that he never really wanted to talk to the girl from Tinder and that he didn’t even like her. But Gabbie caught him talking to her on other instances.

When Gabbie and her ex-boyfriend broke up, he told the same girl (who Gabbie calls “Pistachio” in the video), that the reason why they broke up is that Gabbie was jealous and anxious about him talking to other girls.

This infuriated Gabbie, who had never put restrictions like that one him! She was never that “jealous girl” and knew that most of his friends were female. She was always okay with that, as long as he honest.

But Gabbie soon realized that their relationship was toxic and it was taking a toll on her mental health. She had severe depression and anxiety issues, which had become worse because of their relationship and all the lies he had her believing.

In the video, she says that he was playing mind games and constantly lying to her. Even though they decided not to talk to each other, he kept texting her, saying that he didn’t want to lose her.

Gabbie explained that it was a toxic situation and had every intention of calling it quits for good. But he was relentless, and kept saying all the things she wanted to hear and believe. She eventually gave in and agreed to give their relationship another try.

This time, they set boundaries and spoke about what they expected from each other. They were supposed to meet and go on a date but ended up arguing again, making Gabbie even more furious.

He backed out of their date at the last minute. And during the fight, he told Gabbie that she was the one who came back to him, when really it was him who was prodding her for two weeks to meet and hang out.

Youtuber Gabbie Hanna

Youtuber Gabbie Hanna in Her Great Grandma’s Clothes (Photo: Instagram/thegabbieshow)

The Last Straw

It was that night Gabbie decided that she was done with the relationship for good and she just didn’t care anymore. They even later hung out a few times and had a good time. She was able to enjoy their dates, perhaps because she finally stopped caring.

She ignored that fact that he was a pathological liar and eventually got tired of it. However, the more she pulled away (and seemed fine doing so), the more he tried pulling her back in, wanting to hold hands, hook up, and say those three little words. She then found out that he told everybody that they were “just friends,” but when they were alone he wanted to do everything that couples in a relationship do.

For several months, he told his friends and family that although they were broken up, they were hanging out as friends. He said that Gabbie “needed him” to be around because she might commit suicide if he left her side. Apparently, he told her he like that she needed him.

Gabbie revealed a lot of her deepest, darkest personal and emotional thoughts to him when they were together and she asked him several times if he had shared any of it with anyone. He denied doing so, but Gabbie discovered personal admissions on his phone that he shared with other people.

He’d copied and pasted some of her most harrowing thoughts. It still breaks her heart that he did that to her and it’s something she tearfully admitted she will never forgive him for.

They broke up in April, and at the end of the video, Gabbie explains that it was not a healthy relationship. She explains that even though it’s only been a few months, she’s put it all behind her and is focused on moving on. She only hopes her story can help others who may be caught in a similar toxic relationship.

In case you haven’t watched Gabbie Hanna’s video, then feel free to click on the link below. Fans are dying to know who the mystery man is, but Gabbie (the true picture of class that she is) will not reveal his name.