“Future Man” Release Date: What Time & Channel Does “Future Man” Come On?

Future Man

Attention all Josh Hutcherson fans! If you’ve been missing the Hunger Games star lately, then you’ll want to know about Future Man‘s release date. What time and channel does Future Man come on tonight? If you want more information on the new series, then we have just what you need.

The Future Man Trailer

If you’ve seen the Future Man trailer already, then you have an idea on what the show is about. At first glance, it looks like The Terminator, The Last Starfighter, and Back to the Future all rolled up into one. Hutcherson’s character actually makes reference to his mission resembling that of The Last Starfighter and is dragged into an unexpected adventure. Kenny Loggins’ hit song, “Danger Zone” also plays in the background.

What is Future Man?

The action-comedy was produced by actor Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who were behind Superbad and Pineapple Express. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Future Man is the story of Josh Futturman (Josh Hutcherson), a janitor at a medical research facility dedicated to finding a cure for herpes. Josh lives with his parents (Ed Begley Jr. and the late Glenne Headly), has no professional mobility, and a hopeless crush on the out-of-his-league Jeri (Britt Lower). Josh’s great achievement is that he’s an expert at Biotic Wars, a video game so unbeatable that everybody else has stopped playing it.”

What Josh doesn’t know is that when he wins the undefeated video game, it’s actually a test from the future, to prove whether or not he’s the savior, which he is. Josh is visited by two time-traveling resistance soldiers: Tiger (Happy Endings‘ Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson). They are killing machines from the year 2162 and as it turns out, aren’t just video game characters like Josh thought. Actor Keith David is portrayed as the villain, Dr. Kronish, who’s looking for a cure for herpes, and also happens to have a giant herpes sore on his mouth.

Future Man Start Date

The Future Man premiere date is Tuesday, November 14 and will be available to stream on Hulu. It was originally pitched as a movie but was eventually adapted into a TV series. Critics have already been sent 7 of 13 episodes of season 1, so be careful not to run into potential online Future Man spoilers!



The Critics’ Corner

What do critics have to say about the sci-comedy? Well, the reviews are mixed, but mostly give off the impression of being unimpressed, despite some of the bigger cast members like Hutcherson. Coupe’s comedic talents do shine and arguably help viewers digest the series.

“The show grows with Coupe’s and Wilson’s performances as futuristic warriors, as characters raised in miserable dystopia find their mettle tested by the opportunities of the freer past,” said The Hollywood Reporter‘s, Daniel Feinberg. “In a fashion that befits the tone of the show, these opportunities include the nebulousness of hope and the concreteness of blow jobs.”

The Boston Globe‘s Matthew Gilbert was a bit more optimistic, saying, “The farce, like the puns, the gross-out humor, and the pop culture jokes, can be excessive, especially over 13 episodes. But the charm of the cast, including Ed Begley Jr., Keith David, Haley Joel Osment, Martin Starr, and the late Glenne Headly, makes it all easy to watch.”

In the end, only the viewers can decide whether or not they’ll like the series. And if the following is big enough, we may see an encore season.

All episodes drop Nov. 14, only on @Hulu.

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