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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Those in relationships can’t help but wait for their partners to shower love and affection on them on this special day, while many singles would rather have this day not exist. Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether you’re going on a fancy date to an expensive restaurant, or gulping down copious amounts of wine while re-watching The Notebook with your best friends, because we’ve got something that everyone will love: Valentine’s Day memes.

Valentine’s Day has a tendency to be both romantic and sickening. Yes, the contrasting feelings that people have for this day makes it even more special. It can either provide you with the knowledge that you’re loved, or the awareness that you’re alone. But, as promised, we have a treat for everyone with this year’s best Valentine’s Day memes.

Funny Valentine’s Day Memes

Because whether or not there’s room for love, there’s always room for humor!

What’s “date” supposed to mean?

Who created Valentine's day? . . #valentinesdaymemes #valentines2017

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When you’re throwing hints but he’s daft AF

 Naughty Valentine’s Day Memes

What’s love without a bit of lust? Or maybe even tons of it…

The perfect present


Things to do on Valentine’s Day


When you can’t get them off your mind

Cute Valentine’s Day Memes

When bae deserves to wake up to something mushy.

To “the one”


When they fit the bill perfectly


For the foodie in your life


Valentine’s Day GIFs

When you feel like sending bae something cheesy



Valentine’s Day Memes for Singles

Many single people hate this day for different reasons. Whether you choose to wallow, or celebrate Singles Awareness Day, this is where all the Valentine’s Day humour comes from.

When everyone has a date but you

Nothing out of the blue…

When you’re asked about your plans

The only feeling you relate to

And even though you might not have a Valentine, there’s still good in the world!