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In case you had your phone on airplane mode and missed the news, United Airlines got shockingly aggressive in removing a flier off of an overbooked flight. The video went viral, and the Internet is now trolling United Airlines with memes.

Thinking of taking a trip? Just don’t fly United Airlines, or you might find yourself dragged out of a flight they overbooked! The Internet is in an uproar after the airline’s crew forced a doctor off of their flight, to allegedly make room for an employee who needed a seat. The disturbing video went viral, and United Airlines is facing the backlash in ways more creative than simply encouraging people to boycott the company. Even though the situation was nothing to laugh at, the Internet couldn’t help but find the humor in horrible display. These funny United Airlines memes will have you rolling in laughter. Adding to April’s stash of memes is United Airlines and Sean Spicer, co-sponsored by Pepsi.

Comedians are going to town with the United Airlines incident. Jimmy Kimmel even spoofed the incident with a fake promotional video for the Airline on his show! He savagely summed up the truth of the company’s response to the whole issue saying, “We’re United Airlines. You do what we say when we say, and there won’t be a problem. If we say you fly, you fly. If not, tough s**t. Give us a problem, and we’ll drag your ass off the plane.” Even Ellen DeGeneres didn’t spare United, as she mocked the airlines on her show, too. Her theory is that United doesn’t want you to wear yoga pants on their flights because they need something to grab onto as they drag you off the plane!

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#1. In wake of the recent incident, United Airlines has hired new flight attendants.

#2. That should be “hold my Pepsi.”

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#3. An airline worse than Southwest?! Now we’ve seen everything!

#4. United’s response to Southwest’s new logo.

#5. Hold up! Not everyone is Bruce Lee.

#6. We’re not Chuck Norris either!

#7. If United hires Negan, can we have Chuck Norris as our bodyguard?

#8. Isn’t it easier to not sell one seat to two people?

United airlines logic

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#9. Yo, Adrian! We did it!

#truth #unitedairlines

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#10. Note: Always carry Pepsi when flying with United Airlines.

#11. You know it’s bad when a porn site shames you!

#12. Words hurt, but United had it coming…

#13. Carpe diem, Jet West.

#14. Find you someone who can do both…on United.

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#15. Because they don’t “fly the friendly skies” anymore.

#16. From the folks that butchered “volunteer,” we bring “re-accommodate.”

#17. New parenting style be like…

#18. When were flight attendants this ominous?

#19. So that’s where they start!

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#20. Being in a coma was better.

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