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There’s never a bad time to laugh, and there are memes for every occasion. By the time Wednesday rolls around, many are just hoping to make it over that mid-week hump. Enjoy the middle of the week with these funny Wednesday memes!

Did you just wake up and realize it’s only Wednesday? The halfway point of your work week! Two more days until the weekend! Seven more days until it’s Wednesday again! How are you supposed to get over that? Of course, laughter is the best medicine to tide you over any kind of mood —bad, sour, bored, tired. It’s 2017 and memes are the best source of laughter. But we’re sure the thought of work has you groaning about searching for hilarious hump day memes. So, we’ve searched through every corner of the Internet to get both new and classic hump day jokes all in one place! Check out these funny hump day memes right here. (Don’t worry, they’re all safe for work!)

#1. Gee, thanks (note the sarcasm).

hump day


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#2. It’s Wednesday…two more steps…. Almost there…

#3. Typical camel jokes for hump day.

#4. Still wondering how he got into that office!

#5. After work, down time be like…

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#6. Stay positive!

#7. Grumpy morning, then?

#8. Grumpy Cat makes it tough.

#9. Don’t do it. She means it!

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#10. Fri…Wed…WHAT?!

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Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!

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