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Being a mom is a full-time job with no holidays. Seriously, they don’t even take a break on Mother’s Day! But they do deserve a little something special, even if it’s just some rib-tickling laughter with these Mother’s Day memes.

It’s May 14 folks! Time to celebrate that one person who has no problem yelling at you in the middle of the grocery store, the one who loves to embarrass you with her love and affection, and the one person who has no shame in bringing up your many baby memories (no matter the audience). Ah…mothers…aren’t they the best? For all those perfect memories —our moms deserve the world! So, on their special day, the least we can do is brighten their mood. It’s 2017! Sure cards are cute, but the Internet is a storehouse of awesome Mother’s Day specials. And what is more timeless and relevant for any occasion than memes? So, after you’re done showering her with presents, get your mom to take that much-deserved break and share these funny Happy Mother’s Day memes with her. Laughter really is the best gift of all, isn’t it?

Caution: Side effects may include chuckles, nostalgia, and few tears. If experienced, please consult dad immediately.

#1. Mom, I’m hungryyyy!

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#2. This is the stuff of horror movies.


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#3. Beware of the dangers lurking around…

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#4. Moms who say they are nice all the time LIE!



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#5. Not all superheroes wear capes.

#6. There are stretched out shirts for evidence.

#7. The napkins didn’t arrange themselves, mom!

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#8. Need a gift option? Renew her Netflix subscription! (It’s second to wine.)

#9. Because Moms are winners.

#10. Salute to every mothers’ heroics.

#11. Please?

#12. Tough decision, indeed. Let’s settle for a tie!

#13. And then you whine ’cause you’re hungry and keep her up!

#14. “Fake” sleeping. Nice one!

#15. Sadly there’s no cure.

#16. You go, Mom!

#17. Hey mom, there’s a thing called MySpace and I’m not on it.

#18. Moms are always there for you!

#19. Only children, this one’s not for you.

Happy Mothers Day Mumsie ???

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#20. Kids, which ones do you get most?

#21. Legends give birth to legends, kiddo.

#22. Maybe Moms can find life on Mars!


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#23. The mom cheat code.

Oh yeah! How mum says it! #mothersdayfunny #mumknowsbest #mothersday

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#24. Toddler, teenager, they’re all the same.

#25. The best moms let you eat the cookie dough!

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#26. Last minute gift idea.

#27. It’s the thought that counts, right?

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#28, Then we’d have to celebrate Father’s Day too.

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#29. Don’t show this to You-Know-Who!


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#30. Here’s to 364 Mother’s Days and one Father’s Day!

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