Halloween Sayings: Keep Calm & Stay Inside the Salt Circle!

Halloween Sayings
Photo: Joe Raedle / Staff / Getty Images

Halloween is approaching faster than you can say “boo,” and if you are confused about what kind of Halloween sayings will creep people out the best, then look no further. We have a compilation of some really funny, scary, and cute Halloween quotes, and Halloween sayings for greeting cards. Check out all the best witty Halloween quotes right here.

Halloween sayings and quotes can get a little banal with the same old “happy Halloween.” This year, instead of making your guests hear the obvious, surprise them with a few funny Halloween sayings. If you are looking for Halloween tombstone quotes to decorate your yard, then there is nothing better than the ones we have!

Funny Halloween Sayings You Can Chant All Night Long:

#1. A Hallow Night Indeed!

#2. A Great Way to Welcome Guests

#3. Spook Your Parents This Time!

#4. A Halloween Joke for a Fright Night Out

#5. A Cute Door Sign, Maybe?

Cute Halloween Sayings for Kids:

#1. Trick-or-Treating Will be So Much Fun

#2. Rhyme Away!

#3. Say it to the Kids

Halloween Tomb Stone Sayings

#1. Maybe it’s Sleepy Hallow

#2. Get it?

#3. It Just Gets Better and Better!

#4. Have a Grave Halloween

What You Can Write in Your Halloween Greeting Cards

#1. It’s the Season of the Witch

#2. Happy Halloween

#3. For All Your Home Girls

#4. It’s Time to turn on the Fright Light!


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