Funny Friday the 13th Memes: While You Obsess Over the Number 13, Check Out These 13 Slapsticks!

Friday the 13
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It’s Friday and it’s the 13th, but that doesn’t mean we should all start freaking out! Though it’s an enduring day of superstition and visions of horror, we are here to lighten up your October, which is already pretty heavy on the spook. So, check out some funny Friday the 13th memes right here!

Friday the 13th as a concept might have begun way back in the middle ages, but the superstition has certainly stuck. Many folks avoid the unlucky number altogether, while some are very cautious every Friday the 13th. The number is considered to be bad luck…and it even has a scientific name to it: triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13.

The origin and story of Jesus’ last supper, where 13 members were present, make for a strong basis for Friday the 13th beliefs. Jesus’ crucifixion was also on a Friday, which added greatly to the Christian basis for an aversion to the number 13. Many cultures have adapted the fear of the number, going back many years and persisting to this day. The Greeks even consider Tuesday the 13th to be unlucky. Meanwhile, the Italians don’t have anything against the number 13, but instead believe number 17 to be a bad omen.

What most people don’t realize is that having this superstition and the anxiety or fear it creates can actually cause bad things to happen, and there have been incidents to prove so. A stress management institute has estimated that a whopping 17 million to 21 million people are affected by the superstition. Airlines and businesses take a huge hit every time Friday the 13th comes around, because people would let the anxiety of bad luck shadowing them dictate their decisions, often choosing not to travel or even leave the house that day.

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On the flip side, for many others, Friday the 13th is just another normal day, with normal routines to go ahead with. And for lovers of all things horror, it’s a day to celebrate one of their favorite movie franchises, Friday the 13th.


Though you can’t really prove either side of the Friday the 13th coin right or wrong, you can definitely enjoy a moment of laughter with these 13 funny Friday the 13th memes…and have a happy Friday the 13th!

#1. Overdosing on the Bad Luck Drug!

#2. It’s Okay to Be a Little Stitious Right?

#3. Jason’s Worst Nightmare!

#4. If This Won’t Melt Your Superstitious Heart, Then You’re “Doomed.”

#5. We All Have the Permanent Monday Blues

Just a thought… ???????????????????? #friday #fridaythe13th #weekend #mom #momlife #workingmom

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#6. Hosting a Superstition Party? Here’s a Decoration!

#7. The Winchesters’ Least Favorite Day of the Year

#8. Even Jason Needs a Break Y’All!

#9. A More Practical Approach

#10. You Chose the Wrong Day to Bring Out the Lamborghini, Bro!

Bad day for the Lamborghini driver, great day for the mini van driver! #oops #Lamborghini #badluckfriday

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#11. Not So Gaga Over Friday the 13th

#12. We Can’t Wait for the Weekend Either!

#13. Even a Black Cat Gets Unlucky Sometimes!



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