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Christmas comes but once a year and it brings with it some awesome gifts, quality time spent with loved ones, and best of all, funny Christmas Eve memes! Check out these hilarious holiday memes to help brighten up the holidays and lift up your Christmas spirit just before Santa arrives!

Pretty much everyone who’s ever had to endure the dread of enduring shopping for gifts in a mall during the holidays can relate to at least some of these memes! On top of the stress of having to figure out the absolute perfect gift for everyone on your list, you also need to deal with the endless barrage of people trying to do the same thing! You can’t help but breathe a huge sigh of relief when the hustle and bustle is finally all over. When everything closes on Christmas Eve, it seems as if the world has fallen silent, so be sure to take it in!

This year, the plethora of Christmas 2017 memes is the gift the Internet just keeps on giving! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to scour every dark crevice of the Internet to find the best and most memorable holiday-themed memes and Christmas Eve jokes for your enjoyment! It wasn’t an easy job, but someone had to do it! So, strap yourself in and prepare for some holiday hilarity!

Hitting the malls at Christmas time like…

No more fighting little old ladies to get in line #funny #meme #christmas #christmasmeme #lotr #christmasshopping

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We all know those last-minute Christmas shoppers!

Tag a mate ??

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Every mom’s face on Christmas morning. Ever.

True ??

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When Grandma get’s you PJs every damn year.

Me every Christmas but I love my grandparents to death ? #christmas #christmastree #family #christmasmemes #doggo #holidays #life #memes

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Actual audio of every mom watching their kids open gifts on Christmas morning.

Don’t forget the most important part of Christmas Eve; leaving Santa some treats (yes, even if he’s vegan.)

I mean, it’s gotta be better than coal, right?

?? love this ?? #iamthegift #christmas #xmas #love #funny #christmasmeme

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Snoop Dogg’s certainly in the spirit for Christmas Eve!

Mom’s response to anything you ask for before Christmas.

Up until Christmas Eve, it’s going to look a lot like you’re going broke.