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Aside from students, no one looks forward to the Christmas break quite as much as the teachers, who spend every single day with them! On that note, we made our picks for the top 10 funny Christmas break teacher memes and they are all Internet gold! If you’re a teacher, you’ll totally understand—so sit back, relax, and have a laugh attack with these hilarious teacher memes!

To say that teachers are asked to put up with a lot of stressful situations on a daily basis is an understatement of epic proportions. Anyone who’s spent more than one minute with a group of adolescents or young children can attest to that. Now imagine having to deal with at least 30 of them simultaneously…for 8 long hours a day. It’s enough to drive anyone insane!

That being said, most people don’t actually realize that teachers are just as excited as their students are for the Christmas break to begin—and with good reason, too! Teachers do a lot of hard work and expect very little appreciation and financial reward in return. Of course, there’s a certain sense of pride they must feel when they’ve accomplished the nearly impossible task of surviving the school year until Christmas break! And the Internet has no shortage of funny Christmas break teacher memes to commemorate this tremendous achievement! So, for your amusement, we’ve scoured the Internet and created a list of the top 10 funniest teacher memes before Christmas break. There’s no doubt that every teacher in existence will be able to relate to these in some way! What’s one of the best things about Christmas break? Memes for teachers! So, get ready to see some straight A’s on the subject of laughter! We’re just getting started with these funny Christmas 2017 memes!

Remember; Lying Will Get You on the Naughty List!

Peeling out of the Parking Lot Like…

Angry Cat Understands.

Happiness Level: Patrick Stewart

Teachers, we know you’re dying to mimic this ‘Santa Strut’ down the halls as that final bell rings!

Every teacher out there doing the ‘Carlton Dance’ before Christmas break!

The dreaded week leading up to Christmas break when anarchy in the classroom is life.

This one’s for the kids—teachers, you know you do it!

Every teacher this Christmas hoping for an extended break…

Just remember to…