Funny Apple iPhone X Memes: The Internet’s at It Again with the iPhone X Launch

iphone x memes
Photo: Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty Images

The Apple event on Tuesday (September 12) had some interesting moments. There was a tribute to Steve Jobs, some excruciating self-glorification, the renaming of Apple Stores to “Apple Town Squares,” and the release of two new iPhone models (with heart-stopping price tags)! It certainly makes for some pretty handy material for September’s meme blast!

Big news in the Apple world! At the unveiling of Apple’s new iPhones on Tuesday (September 12), Apple announced they were shaking a few things up. For example, the Apple stores will be getting a new name! Now, when you visit an Apple Store to repair your broken phone, you’re actually going to a “Town Square.” And the new iPhones will make your current iPhone look like an old school Nokia —only you’d wish it was that sturdy! The new iPhone 8 and the iPhone X are packed with so many dizzying features that the Internet is responding to it in the best way it can: iPhone X memes! Did we mention that the iPhone X price starts at a whopping $999? Ouch!

The iPhone 8 was old two minutes after its reveal when the iPhone X, or iPhone 10 (what happened to iPhone 9?) was unveiled. It’s equipped with Face ID technology, which means you only need your face to unlock your fancy new iPhone! Apple proclaimed they created lifelike human masks to test out the Face ID, and added a feature that lets you turn your face into a popular talking emoji. Sounds like Apple took a trip to Westeros and had an internship with the Many-Faced God! With so much going on in one phone, the Internet is going to digest this Apple announcement and regurgitate it into meme greatness. Let’s face it, the only thing more affordable than a thousand dollar iPhone are these priceless iPhone X memes!

#1. Because we like to get our tech fix in Stores.

#2. Talking poop is the future!

#3. The new Stephen King panda movie is pretty haunting.

#4. If you want an iPhone X, you’d need to rob a bank first.

#5. Apple: We got you, fam!

#6. Walking into the new “Apple Town Square” like…

#7. Patrick has some mad bargaining skills.

#8. Buy an iPhone X today. File bankruptcy tomorrow.

#9. iPhone 8 was here for 10 seconds but will still be missed.

#10. When they announced the iPhone X five seconds after announcing the iPhone 8.

#11. How many “Try Agains” would it take for Arya to get into her new iPhone X?

#12. An iPhone is “no one.” An iPhone serves the Many-Faced God.

#13. When you have to join the Faceless Men to crack your friend’s iPhone X.

#14. Clearly, Apple underestimated Game of Thrones.

#15. All girls right now thinking about the iPhone X’s new facial recognition feature.

#16. Maybe the iPhone 9 eloped?

#17. It’s a conspiracy leading to the Town Square nearest to you.

#18. Marvel better start casting.

#19. When the only Apple we can afford is the fruit.

#20. iPhone naming list leaked.


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