Cleaning the house is never a fun task, but maintaining a Full House must be even tougher! Just ask actor and comedian Bob Saget: his return to the Tanner household as dad Danny in the new Netflix series Fuller House has apparently gotten to his head a little bit!

“This is oddly out of character yet very #DannyTanner of me,” the star wrote on Instagram. “Had to get a couple things per my housekeeper’s orders. Embarrassed in public because people are staring at me buying cleaning supplies.” However, “a couple things” may have been a bit of an understatement; the shopping basket in the image contains three bottles of Pine-Sol, two bottles of Windex, and a can of Comet powder!

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With almost 8,000 likes, many fans did indeed grow nostalgic, remembering the days where Danny Tanner in a cleaning aisle would’ve been a normal thing to see on television. Some also implied that the cleaning supplies were for something very un-Danny-Tanner-like and that the real joke was what he needed them for. This may seem like an odd implication for some, given the clean-freak character Saget played on the original ‘90s series Full House, but the truth is that his real-life stand-up act is actually very vulgar and raunchy—the complete opposite of Danny Tanner!

Saget also made sure to get in a quick plug for the upcoming Fuller House, ending with, “@FullerHouse premieres on @Netflix Feb. 26!!” However, he wasn’t the only one promoting the series, with Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber appearing on Ellen Tuesday morning, and they brought a new trailer with them! (You can watch the trailer below.) This is the first full trailer for the Netflix series, showing actual content from the show, complete with the laugh track (or is it a live studio audience?). Hopefully it will be enough to sate fans of Bob Saget and Full House until Fuller House’s premiere at the end of the month!

Photos: Instagram/bobsaget

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